Monday, December 13, 2010

An Attempt to Update - Finally

Ok I again have been a BLOG slacker! I apologize to all my readers if I have anyone left! So I will attempt today to update you on all our new milestones and what we have been up to. First off Mason is now almost 4 years old - his birthday is on Christmas Eve so we decided this year to have his first real birthday party somewhere other than our house and several weeks before his birthday so his birthday and Christmas wouldn't run together this year. It was this past Friday night and it was truly a success! We had about 35-40 people there with kids and adults and we had it at Backyard Adventures. Backyard Adventures is a large party place with tons of inflatables in it including a HUGE inflatable slide. They also have a really neat gated play area for the little kids under 5. He had a great party, enjoyed all his guests, and received lots of presents! He still has yet to play with them all - but I'm sure he will have them all open soon.

As for the babies I think the easiest way to update is a top 10 list.

#1 Allison, & Jasmine are now excellent walkers - have been for awhile. Tanner isn't walking yet and I'm getting a "little" concerned but I do have to keep reminding myself #1 he is a boy and #2 he is a 32 week preemie. He may just meet milestones slower than the girls
#2 We are working on getting our 1 year old molars and boy that has been fun! YEAH RIGHT! we have had some cranky babies, especially in Wisconsin over Thanksgiving.
#3 Tanner now is in charge of waking the girls up when he is done napping. He does this by turning on the light, opening the door, and yelling HEY!!! It's fairly cute, but not if the girls are still tired. He is in the crib by the light and the door and unfortunately, when you have 3 cribs in one room you can't just choose to move him somewhere else because somewhere else doesn't exist.
#4 Our vocabulary exists of Mama, Dada, Baba (bottle), and other words we really can't quite figure out.
#5 They make the CUTEST kissy faces. Usually followed by a "mawaaa" That is a kissing noise.
#6 We all can wave bye bye and can put our hands in the air and do the "sooooo big" wave. And yes it looks like a wave when you have 3 of them doing it at once in the feeding table.
#7 We are officially FL babies. They did NOT like the cold up north in Wisconsin. When it hit their faces as we went outside the girls gasped for air, tried to cry, but couldn't because it was too cold.
#8 We also don't like big thick jackets or hats. They look very uncomfortable in them and fuss. And Mom has learned that FL babies are WAY easier to dress and put in car seats then WI babies. I don't think I could dress them in big coats, hats, and gloves everyday for 100 days or however long winter lasts. 4 kids are just too many to bundle!

Okay I'm ending on top 8 list today because I have ran out of new things the babes have done.

This week is a LONG week. Dave left early Saturday AM for a long trip. He went to Mobile, AL, then to Lancaster, OH, then to Elkhart, IN, currently on his way to NM, then to LA, back to AL, up to OH again and then finally home. I am staying positive he will be home by the weekend - I hope!!! It's boring when he's not around to annoy me and keep me company. And the bed is too cold since it's been like 20 or 30 every night in FL for the past 3 weeks! Not liking that. I oftentimes tell Mason to come sleep with Mommy so I'm not all alone :-) There is nothing wrong with that right?

That's it for now - I will try and post some pictures later this week. But my next mission is to get my Christmas cards done. The Christmas picture is taken now just to make and send the cards. All in good time!

Till later -

The Gorka's

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November already!!

I can't believe it is already November 2nd! Time is flying. Not too much to report on today, but will try to give a few updates.

1st things first - Allison is WALKING and walking really well. She doesn't crawl anymore, prefers to walk 100%. Jasmine isn't too far behind her yet, but still hasn't gotten the confidence yet to take more than 2 or 3 steps. Tanner will probably walk in a month or so - he's usually 3-4 weeks behind the girls. We are hoping Jasmine is walking by Thanksgiving because maybe they can walk themselves on the plane to Wisconsin! That would help greatly to not have to carry them all. They are getting BIG.

We had a great Halloween weekend. Dave was home all weekend so that was really nice! Friday night we just hung out at home, Saturday we went to Mason's soccer game, and then Dave watched the kids and I went to the mall by myself for awhile which was really nice. Saturday night we went out for a few drinks and to see all the Halloween costumes. Relaxed on Sunday then went trick or treating with the kids!! They were all so cute. Mason was a pirate, the girls were Belle, and Tanner was Rex from Toy Story 3. ADORABLE - pictures to come.

Other than that not much else going on. We are getting excited for our trip to Wisconsin with the entire family for Thanksgiving.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Blog from 35,000 ft above

Well I am actually getting a few minutes to update my blog. And I'm doing it from 35,000 ft above sea level. Mason & I are on the way to Wisconsin for my friend Jessica's wedding. We are very excited it will be a lot of fun. I got suckered into the $4.95 internet cost on the airplane, really not that bad to entertain yourself for 2 hours. Cheaper than a movie haha. Mason is busy putting stickers on his coloring book and coloring pictures for Grandma & Grandpa. Dad will be picking us up in Milwaukee, he has been on the road for a week and a half working and we MISS HIM!! He is very excited to see us too and his little Mason. Unfortanately, we had to leave the triplets at home this trip, but we are all coming for Thanksgiving!!

Tomorrow we have big plans for Mason. We are going to go to a pumpkin patch, petting zoo, on a hay ride, and a country restaurant for lunch. Then we are going to bring pumpkins home to carve. Friday night we are going out for a good ole Wisconsin Fish fry then out for a few beers with my parents and maybe hit up the Oneida casino for a bit with my parents, my Mom loves those slot machines. Then Saturday we head to Milwaukee for Jessica's big day and are staying at the hotel - Mason is excited to swim.

As for other update - our little baby Allison is walking. Yep officially all across the room. It's so cute!! Jasmine & Tanner are not quite there yet but they will be soon I bet.

We spent last Saturday night at Dawn & Ava's house and the babies did great. They slept very well there, I was impressed. On Sunday we went to the park for awhile with them, it was a gorgeous day!

Below are some new pictures I wanted to share.

Mason feeding the ducks
6 kids in the triplets new wagon which they LOVE by the way. Enjoying the day at Lake Slyvan Park in Sanford!
Ella, Ava, Madison, Gracie, Mason & Maiya - lots of nieces & nephews

Daddy & his Mini Me!! :-)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Life is starting to settle down a bit

Long overdue post again. First off Dave & I had a WONDERFUL time on our cruise. It was so nice to get away and have some fun together and just sit back and relax and truly remember how blessed we are. We have each other and 4 beautiful children. Yes life can be crazy and hectic at times, but I wouldn't change a thing, we are all happy and healthy and all together.

Dave, Mason, & I had a good trip up to Wisconsin in September as well. It was a tough trip considering we were there to say our final goodbyes to our Dear Brother in Law Matt, but at the same time it was very nice to be with family and see everyone and spend the weekend together. I spent a lot of time with my nieces and nephews whom we don't get to see enough living in FL. The weather was beautiful and fall was just starting to settle in when we were there. The leaves were beginning to change and the air just a bit cool and crisp. Perfect. The day of the funeral was just gorgeous - blue and sunny skies, about 70 degrees, with a slight breeze. I think Matt had something to do with that and it helped keep everyones spirits up rather than a dreary rainy sad day. It was a very nice funeral and we celebrated his life that day and the wonderful person he was. Rest in Peace Matt - we all love you.

Now that we are back from Wisconsin and back from our cruise life is starting to settle down a bit which has been nice. Been able to spend more time with my kids and giving them extra hugs and kisses each and every day. As for kiddo updates we have the following.

#1) Miss Allie is taking about 5 steps ALL BY HERSELF - I don't know if you can consider this walking, but I would say she's pretty darn close. Before we know it she will be running.
#2) Tanner says GO, and No No No. Very cute - he has a sweet little voice.
#3) Every time you smile at Jasmine she gives you the cutest cheesiest grin - such a happy little girl.
#4) They all say MaMa and DaDa - LOVE IT!
#5) Mason started soccer last week, seriously adorable. Watching a bunch of 3-5 year olds trying to play soccer is too funny!! I am going to try to take a video one of these days - you will enjoy it. #6) Mason is still enjoying preschool and is getting better at tracing lines and letters and coloring. He loves to go each day and is having fun with it and his friends.
#7) For Halloween we are going to have a Pirate named Captain Hoy (Mason), 2 ballerinas, and a monkey (Tanner).

As for weekend plans, Saturday we have soccer and we are heading to a Fall Festival with a Pumpkin Patch, face painters, and a craft show. I am going with another triplet Mom I know - should be fun, we will be quite the spectacle though. Also, Rich & Ella are coming to visit Dawn and Ava on Saturday so we are going to head to the Bell's on Saturday night or Sunday AM to spend some time with everyone. Ella is our goddaughter - she's a little sweetie.

Next weekend we are heading back to Wisconsin for my childhood friends wedding in Milwaukee. We are bringing Mason and on Friday we are going to go to a Pumpkin Patch with a corn maze, a petting zoo, haystacks, games, and a cute little restaurant. Then we will come home and carve some pumpkins. Can't wait!! We are also very excited that the fall leaves will be at peak!! I will take lots of pictures. I miss fall so much in Florida. Sad I can't bring my babies, but it's tough and expensive to travel with all 6. We are bringing everyone for Thanksgiving though - can't wait.

Okay this quick post turned out to be long so I'll be signing off now. Hope everyone is doing well!

Our little soccer player
And of course our Trio - SMILE TANNER ;-)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

A post from David

Okay....everyone is saying I never talk about Dave in my posts and there is only one picture of him in the blog. So.....I am sitting with him now and he is going to write this post or say what he wants me to type.

"I am sad because I can't spend more time with my wife and kids. There is not much I can do I have to stay busy on the road. My work keeps me away from home, sometimes up to a week at a time. It's good to see my family up here this weekend at my parents house in Boyd. I wish it was under happier circumstances though. Soon we will be going on our cruise to the Bahamas, and I imagine we will have plenty to drink and plenty of "stateroom" time. I need to make up for some lost time.......okay this is Stacey and I am chiming in.....I AM not writing this only typing this these are Daves thoughts.....okay Dave continue...but then again the cruise will take me away from my kids and I may have to run to Montana and back after that. It never ends :( I wish everyone well and I am kind of hungry I need a snack. Night night!!

Okay now Stacey here. Yes Dave and I are leaving on Friday for a 3 day Bahama cruise with a couple of friends of ours. We are excited it will be fun. And after this weekend with the funeral and all...we will need a little trip away I hope we can enjoy ourselves and not miss the kids too much.

I will post again soon and post some pictures of my awesome nieces and nephews!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our first PONYTAIL!!!

This is going to be a short post but I had to post a picture of Allie's first ponytail, or shall I say palm tree. You have to look hard to see it, but it is there I promise! Personally, I think it's the cutest thing ever. Sissy doesn't have enough hair yet, but shouldn't be too long. It's sad when your little boy has more hair than both his sisters combined! Hope everyone has a splendid day - and here is our little ponytailed Allie.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pictures - post below

Our CAKE Melissa made us!!


Waiting on for Cake

Porky The Pinata

My kiddos!

Getting into TROUBLE!!!

A Year Has Passed

Well, one week ago today my babies turned 1 year old!! Yes - TIME FLIES. They are doing great. We had our one year old check-up and they are growing like weeds. Allie was 21 lbs 10z, Jasmine was 23lbs 4oz, and Tanner was 24 lbs 13oz. Our birthday party went very well, but it was a hard day for us. The Friday before that we found out that my brother in law passed away in a tragic accident. He flies for UPS and his plane crashed in Dubai. It's been a rough few weeks, but we are taking it one day at a time. He was a wonderful man and we will all miss him very much. We will be heading up to WI next week to say our final goodbyes at the funeral.

However, the party did go well all things considering. I didn't have as much food as I wanted, didn't plan all the activities, but that was to be expected considering the circumstances, I think everyone forgave me :-) However, we did manage to make a pinata for the kids which they LOVED and we also had "Little Pig Hunt" which is like an Easter egg hunt but with paper pigs. The kids loved it. We also were blessed to have my niece Ava stay at our house with us for 4 nights while Mom was in Dubai taking care of some things. She enjoyed the party, especially the pinata, and had a great time with Mason when she was staying with us. She did great and is a sweet little girl!!

We also had our 1 year old checkup last week and shots :( Tanner did the best with shots, he is super tough, barely cried. The girls on the other hand made it known that they were NOT pleased with the shots. They are meeting all milestones for a one year old but walking, but we are getting close! Allie weighed 21lbs 10oz, Jasmine 23lbs 4oz, and Tanner 24lbs 13oz, yes he is a moose!!

Okay as for our new adventures and milestones.

#1) My girls can finally wear very small ponytails on top of their heads, we are working on getting more hair.
#2) Girls know how to stand and are cruising around the furniture. Allie will stand alone for a few seconds, thinking she will be our first walker.
#3) Tanner pulls up to stand when he feels like it, but normally is just on his knees. Except when he's in bed or wants to play with Oscar.
#4) We do not like baby food, we would rather feed ourselves and make large messes.
#5) We all still have 6 teeth a piece, 4 on top two on bottom

Mason is doing great as well, he really enjoys going to preschool and his new friends. He talks about Avante, Keaton, Emma, MaKayla, & Logan. He is always excited to be dropped off and has lots of fun stories at the end of the day. He is working on his vowels right now along with tracing and cutting :-)

Well that's about it for now - I will follow up with pictures from the birthday party in a separate post. Take care and will probably see some of you next week in Wisconsin.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Birthday Party Plans

I have been quite busy this week. I am working on planning the triplets 1st birthday party which is on Sunday!! We are having a 3 little pigs themed birthday party. I have some really cute things planned, let's just hope they all turn out! I can't reveal them on the blog just yet - but I will have plenty of pictures and a good post afterwards with details :-)

Other things going on this week is Mr. Tanner is driving us CRAZY at night! I just don't understand that baby. He is almost 1 year old and still wakes up to have a bottle at night - sometimes more than one. He can't be hungry, but he acts like he is STARVING. I think what we need to do is just let him cry it out at night even though that will not be easy to do because he can scream very loud. Sometimes he will just take his binky and go back to sleep but usually not. The girls on the other hand sleep like little angels. They go to bed around 8:30 AM and are up about 6 for a bottle then go back to bed till 7:30 or 8. It's pretty nice - so now everyone please pray for Tanner and that he can start sleeping like his sisters!

This Friday my parents are coming into town for the birthday party. We are excited to see them. I haven't "officially" told Mason because I want to let them suprise him when they pick him up from preschool. And if I tell him - he won't stop talking about it for the next 2 days which may be enough to drive me batty! If anyone knows Mason they know that he can talk with the best of them. And if you don't answer his questions at least 3 times he will say "MOM - I am talking to you" and insist you answer a 4th time! He's sweet though I must say :-)

I guess that's about it for now. We have another suprise for Mason & Lydia on Friday. We are taking them to Disney's Toy Story on Ice at the Lakeland Center. It's going to be a TON of fun. The babes are staying home with their Tara - who is amazing by the way. One of the best babysitters we could ever ask for and the kids just adore her :-)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

LONG LONG overdue post!! Sorry folks.....

GRRRRR.....I just wrote and finished a post and the entire thing deleted on me!! So needless to say I am frustrated right now and glad I can type fast!!! So here goes - post is long overdue and no real excuse why just been busy as usual. The babies have been going to bed at 8 or 8:30 each night so no reason I can't post more ha ha. I guess I am enjoying the new quiet time at night ha ha.

So - first update. Mason started preschool on Aug 17th. He enjoys it and I think it will be good for him to be away from the babies some during the day and do something different. He goes to Victory Christian Academy and it is right across the road from our house, well about 6 blocks away, but very very convenient. He wears a uniform too - very cute!! :-) They have an excellent preschool program and I think he will learn a lot - he goes Monday, Wed, & Fridays.

As for our sweet little babies - they are growing sooooo soooo fast - TOO FAST!!! Okay sit down and take a deep breath, what I have to say will shock you. My itty bitty preemies will be 1 YEAR OLD on 11 days!! Yep - this year is almost done and it has FLOWN BY. Today really put it into perspective for me. My friend and I went to visit a girl from our multiples club that had twin boys on Thursday night at the hospital. We went for a quick visit and got to go take a peek at the precious little boys in the NICU. This is the 1st time I was in the NICU since my babies came home almost a year go! And I have to admit when I entered those doors and saw those sweet tiny tiny babies the last year flashed before my eyes. I could barely remember how small they were when they were born until I saw Ty & Trace.....all I have to say is WOW this year has been truly amazing and worth every tired day, every diaper change, and every bottle of milk. Which over the past year has added up to about 6,570 bottles and probably over 10,000 diaper changes. WOW WOW WOW!!!

Now for an update on the babies - they are now all crawling EVERYWHERE and FAST. They all have 6 teeth, 4 on top, 2 on bottom. They all eat like pigs and are now eating table food. Our favorites are grilled cheese, Green beans, PB&J, mac n cheese, waffles, oatmeal, applesauce, pudding, and pretty much everything you put in front of us. They are great eaters and at this point would much rather feed themselves then eat baby food off a spoon. I am NOT complaining. The girls are also pulling up to stand and Tanner pulls up to his knees, he's not far behind.

I guess that's about it for now since I wrote this entry 2 times now ha ha :-) I will try to post more frequent shorter entries and pictures so I can keep everyone updated on the crazy life of the Gorka Family :-)

The clan & Lydia
Allie enjoying Lydia's 1st football game - she cheers!!

Tanner watching some football

Jasmine showing off her pearly whites

And last but not least Mason's 1st day of Preschool

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pics from vacation and baptism

Uncle Greg with Babies
3 Generations :-) Great Grandma's



Father John & a whole lot of kids :-)

All the sponsers :-)

Tanner (looking sleepy)

Peek a boo says Jasmine

Nice lips Allie
Mason & Kennedy chilling by the campfire

Lydia & Mason driving the boat

Lydia, Mason & the girls (Tanner wasn't a fan of the cold WI water)

Great Grandma & the triplets :-) Such a proud grandma!!!

Great Grandma & her girls :-)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Crawling, teeth, & preschool!

Well this is a LONG past due blog! I just realized I haven't blogged since July 1st. WOW!! But we have been very busy with lots of fun summer things to do. First thing is our trip to Wisconsin was GREAT. The triplets did absolutely wonderful the entire time. They did great on the plane, both ways, and all fell asleep each time except Jasmine on the way to Wisconsin, My Mom was holding her and she just wasn't in the mood to sleep LOL :) We did lots of fun stuff on our trip. We met some friends at the Milwaukee zoo, went to a Brewer game, took the kids to my aunt & uncles house on the lake and spent the day swimming and boating, went to the fireworks, and saw lots of family. Dave & I also were able to sneak away for a night to Door County which was really fun. We went on a winery tour, out to a nice dinner, and actually just relaxed in the hotel room which was REALLY NICE!! The hotel had a nice pool & hot tub so we hung out there for awhile then we rented a movie in our room, pulled out the couch bed and just sat back and watched it and enjoyed the peace and quiet. Dave was really sweet too, when I woke up he wasn't in bed anymore. He came back with flowers for me and stuff to make for breakfast since we had a full kitchen in our room. What a romantic!! The baptism also went really well. Father John did such a nice job with it and none of the babies cried!! Amazing :-) They were tired though and had to sleep during part of the party, but that was to be expected. I will post pictures of the trip fairly soon. I promise.

Other new things that are happening with the Gorka's are as follows: I will put down a top 6 list below, much easier.

#1) Mason is signed up to start preschool 2 days a week starting August 17th. He is sooooo excited and already got a backpack and a lunchbox!! Hopefully he enjoys it. It is at the private academy right across from our subdivision so nice and close should work out well!

#2) Here is an update on our teeth count. Allie has just the 2 bottom teeth and Tanner and Jasmine both have the 2 bottom & the 2 top teeth!

#3) All 3 babies are CRAWLING well just about. They army crawl really really well and really fast. They also crawl on their hands and knees when they have they aren't tired

#4) I think Allison will be my first walker and she has been trying to pull up to stand all the time lately. She can almost do it and usually gets up on her knees and sometimes one foot. If you put her next to something she hangs on great and doesn't fall.

#5) We started some solid foods, like bread, cheese, spaghetti, and little bites of whatever we eat. They LOVE it. I don't think they will be very picky eaters, or at least we hope not.

#6) ALL 3 babies have been sleeping at night from 8:30 till 6:00 or 6:30 then back to bed till 8!! LOVE IT :-)

That is about it for now. We are getting closer and closer to our 1st birthdays!! I can't believe in a little over a month my little tiny preemies will be a YEAR OLD and are so healthy & happy!! We are going to be planning quite the birthday bash!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Heading to Wisco & dumb triplet questions!!

Well today is the big day - we are going to take the entire family to Wisconsin for vacation and to visit family & friends and get the triplets baptized!! This will be the first plane ride for Tanner & Allison, but Jasmine will be an old pro since she got to come in May. Everything is packed and we are ready to go. Wish us luck that the kids behave on the plane!!!! All I have to say is I hope we have some REALLY nice people around us and they are not nice they need to request to move seats LOL! I will try to take some airport pictures if I get some time and a free hand which may be quite the feat! I also hope we don't have a zillion people come up to us and ask us the stupid "triplet" questions and comments. Which I do not believe I ever posted. So here goes...

1. Are they identical? Answer - one is a boy how can they be identical!!!
2. Are they all the same age? Um yes they are triplets.
3. Did you use fertility? Seriously....none of your business but NO!
4. Are they all yours? No....I borrowed them.
5. Wow your hands are full - no shit sherlock, but better full than empty!
6. God bless you (or better said as better you than me)
7. My condolences....seriously are triplets a funeral sentence...why would you say this!
8. Better you than me - now that's just rude
9. Are they twins? Um.....count again 1...2....3
10. They are sooooo beautiful - okay this one isn't too bad :-)

Okay one last update - Allison's surgery went GREAT!! She did so well with the anethesia - a bit groggy and crabby when she woke up, but she took some juice and then fell asleep on me till it was time to leave recovery. Then she woke up and smiled at the nurses. Seriously what a sweet little girl! Yesterday we got our sutures out - she had 25 probably, 12 on the big spot on her head, 2 on 2 other spots on her head, 3 on her lower back, and 5 or so on her upper back. That was not fun getting those removed - she screamed and they bled a bit. I think the plastic surgeon felt terrible - you could tell by the look on his face and he seemed to reach out and want to hold her and comfort her after. But - all good now and they are healing up really nice!

Alright - well gotta get some work done and leave by 2:45 today to go get the kids and catch our flight!!!

Happy 4th of JULY!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Allison's Surgery & other updates

Well I just wanted to post some latest updates. The top thing on the list right now is that Allison will be having surgery on Tuesday at 8AM for her hemangiomas (strawberry marks). We noticed a few weeks back that one of them has begun to ulcerate and that is cause for concern because it could become infected easily. So Dr. Velez sent us back to Dr. Ferguson the plastic surgeon and sure enough he said it was time to remove it as well as the other bigger ones she has. She has a fairly large one on her head and 2 on her back. She has quite a few little ones as well that should go away on their own, but he will probably remove a few of them depending on the size of them. This is a bit of a scary procedure only because she is so small, only 18 lbs and anesthesia can be a little risky at that age. However, it is done in many other kids MUCH smaller than her so I am certain everything will be fine, but it wouldn't hurt to say a few extra prayers on Monday night :-) She will need to be at the surgery center at 7AM on Tuesday, procedure at 8AM, and she should be done within an hour. Then she will be in recovery for another hour. One of the hardest things will be that she can't eat or drink anything after midnight before the surgery. I am thinking I will wake her for a bottle at midnight so she has something in her belly and isn't too crabby in the AM. Then she can only have juice for an hour after she wakes up which will do us no good because she doesn't really care for juice. Maybe I'll try to get her to drink some this weekend to prepare her.

Unfortunately Dave will be gone on Tuesday on a run up to MN to bring someone a boat and a golf cart. But - my Mom changed her plant ticket and is coming in on Sunday now instead of the following Saturday so she can be with me for Allie's procedure.

As far as other things go we have been busy as usual and have had some sick kiddos. Not too bad though. Tanner though woke up last week Thursday night around 10:30 PM and was wheezing really bad and had a hard time breathing. I was alone at the house, Dave was on the road, so I called Melissa and she came over to stay with the other kids while I took Tanner to the ER. He had croup - very weird and came on SOOO quick but they gave him Oral Pred (an oral steroid) and it helped him a lot and sent him home. I worked from home Friday so I could be with him and he was contagious so no day care for him. Luckily the girls did not get it though!! But they had fevers this week, no colds or anything, but fevers. They were up to 103.5 on Tuesday night, luckily they broke though and as of yesterday at 3:30 AM they have not had Motrin. :-)

Mason is doing well and is still enjoying swim lessons :-) He goes Tues & Thurs and has a good time. I like going as well because I talk to some of the other Mom's and they are so great and help me hold the babies. Everyone at lessons just adore the triplets! Hard not to I guess! Mason has had a little issue the past few weeks though with minding. He has been giving me a hard time and normally he is such a great kid and listens well. I guess when some people say 3 is worse than 2 they are correct! He is a strong willed child and has a bit of a temper at times - some say he gets that from me :-) But we will push through and get him right back on track!

Well I guess that is about it for now since I wrote a novel. I will update on Tuesday afternoon after Al's surgery. Say some prayers for us!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

9 month appt update

So - just a quick post for now, I will post later about some other thing that are going on but wanted to blog our weights & heights from our 9 month appt. Here they are Tanner coming in the #1 position, Jasmine #2, and Allison #3.

Weight: 22 lbs (75%)
Height: 29 & ½ inches (75%)
Head: 46 & ½ (75%)

Weight: 20.5 lbs (75%)
Height: 27 & ½ inches (50%)
Head: 44 & ½ (50%)

Weight: 18.15 lbs (50%)
Height: 26 & ½ inches (10%)
Head: 45 (70%)
Also - in other quick updates we now have 5 teeth!! Miss Jasmine got 2 before anyone else did, Allie then got 1, Tanner got 1, and Allie a 2nd one. They are so cute with their little teeth LOVE it!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Triplet Photo Shoot (9 month pictures)

What a fun day - we had these done a Hollis Gardens :-)
Quick update - our trip to WI was a ton of fun. It was so nice to see everyone. Jasmine did absolutely awesome the entire trip. I think she was just enjoying her one on one time with Mom & Dad! She did great on the plane too, even with a 2 hour delay on the way home. Mason has so much fun seeing all his cousins. But he was one tired cranky bear by the time we got home !!
As for baby updates - we have 2 teeth now, but Jasmine has both of them. None for Tanner & Allie. Also - they LOVE baby food now. We go through on average 9-12 jars a day - CRAZY!! Oh and Tanner outgrew his infant car seat - he's HUGE.
One last update - the triplets baptism is set for July 10 in Wisconsin. I can't believe our next trip home is in less than a month. We leave July 1st with ALL the kids this time. We are excited.
Well gotta run, Tanner is stuck in a corner and can't figure out how to roll back and it's making him mad.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Well tomorrow Mason, Jasmine, & I are heading out to Wisconsin for a nice long weekend. Yes it was very very hard to choose just one triplet to go, but I did it fairly and flipped a coin. First I flipped between a boy and a girl, and a girl one, then I flipped between Jas & Allie and Jasmine was the big winner. She will be the first to fly on an airplane and will most likely be spoiled rotten all weekend by Grandma's & aunts & uncles!! I will have to give Tanner & Allie extra attention tonight. I am really bummed leaving 2 behind, but it just wasn't feasible this trip to bring everyone along since it's just a long weekend. However, in July we are ALL coming so no one will be left out.

We will be staying in Boyd on Thursday, Friday & Saturday and then heading to my parents Sunday and flying out on Monday. We will be hanging out at Ringlespiel Days in Boyd and probably having a beer or 10 with friends!! :-)

Mason finished his first session of swim lessons last night and overall he learned a lot!! I was impressed. The teacher did a great job with him and before long he will be swimming on his own with no floats!! His progress report showed he was proficient on about 1/2 of the skills. Good thing we are signed up for the next session so he can continue to learn.

I guess that's about it for now I'm sure I'll have lots to update when we return from our trip and I'll be sure to have some pictures!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

CVS Savings this week

Okay quick coupon post!!

This week at CVS I got the following items for a total of $28.22

5 of the 8 packs of Pepsi Products
Herbal Essence Shampoo
Herbal Essence Conditioner
2 of the 4 packs of D Batteries
2 of the 10 packs of AA Batteries
9 of the 10oz Dawn Dish Soaps

Total if I paid retail would have been $68.64 (total savings of $40.42)

Overall a good CVS trip this week!! I was mad though because I could have got a free razor the Gillette Blade 5, but they were out!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Top 6 List

Not too much to report today so going to do a list of the Top 6 things going on with the Gorkas.

#1) Mason was sick yesterday – woke up at 4:30 AM came crying into our room, and then proceeded to throw up all over the carpeting next to my bed. I think I need to keep a bucket in my nightstand!! Ughhh and YUCK. I have a serious problem with puke, if I smell it I almost throw up myself! Thank goodness Dave was home to clean it up! And on top of it all I just got my carpets cleaned. The joy of kids!!

#2) Mason is in swimming lessons now – he started at the beginning of May two times a week and LOVES it. He is becoming quite the fish and the teacher is great. She has the kids jumping in without floats now and makes them swim up to the top of the pool and find the wall with a little help of course. It’s just amazing how quickly they catch on. He also has a little girlfriend in class named Lily. They giggle and laugh together the entire class and also try to hold hands! Soooo cute!

#3) Still no more teeth!! Just one toothed Jasmine. I am still thinking Allie will be next – she has been CRABBY!!! Tanner on the other hand does not complain at all about teething – he is just a great natured baby all the way around. If only he would sleep all night though!!

#4) I saved a ton of money at CVS this week. Get this – I spent $16.48 and I got the following items. 2 packs of Huggies Diapers, 2 packs of the 3 in 1 Purex Laundry sheets, 2 Right Guard deodorants for Dave, a 24 pack of water, toothpaste, & mouthwash!! Normal price on this stuff would have been $53.95. Again LOVE my Southern Savers Website!! I buy what’s on sale and then add a manufacturer’s coupon to it and save TONS of money!!

#5) Dave has officially started his new career. He is now a pilot escort and does general hauling. What this means is he is the car that navigates the overside loads (the big ole semis with long poles on them, wide loads, etc) from point A to point B. When he doesn’t have loads, he hauls things for people. He uses a website and bids on things people need moved, for example a 4 wheeler, a boat, a golf cart, a few boxes, signs, etc. Basically anything. It’s actually pretty impressive how he uses the site and sets up his own runs. Last week he went up to the northeast, hauled a trailer up there, loaded an ATV on his truck, one inside the trailer, and a golf cart. Dropped that stuff off then picked up a boat and a sign and headed back home. His company name is Big D’s Services. Only downfall of his new endeavor is he is sometimes gone during the week for a few nights, but I’m tough, I can handle it!! We are looking into getting our alarm system monitored though just in case since I am by myself at night with the kids.

#6) Getting ready for our trip to Boyd for Memorial Day weekend!! We leave Thursday the 27th and back the following Monday the 31st. We are just bringing one baby this time though and we drew straws to be fair!!! Jasmine gets to go!

And that’s about it for now!! Hope everyone is doing well.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

1st TOOTH!!!

Short Blog today but wanted to update everyone that one of our precious babies now has their first tooth!! And the winner is……….Miss Jasmine Paige!! Yep Melissa noticed it was close to poking through last night and this AM we feel it !!! Now – we will see how the other 2 follow! My guess is Allie is next followed by Tanman. Below is a cute picture of Jasmine :-)

Last night we went to the mall to attempt to find Mommy a swimsuit. We are heading to the beach on Saturday with all the kids - we are so excited. I will be sure to take lots of pictures!! It will be a lot of fun. This is what Allie did in the mall - see below! Love the cute foot up on top of her sisters seat :-)

This past weekend was very fun. Mason & I went to Wisconsin for my friends Erik’s wedding. It was in Wisconsin Dells. We had a great time. The trip was short, but still fun. We flew out Friday night and were back by Sunday evening. The wedding was in Wisconsin Dells. Mason was awesome – he was such a good little boy. And soooooo handsome!! We also found out that he is quite the dancer. As soon as Dave brings my laptop home I will upload and post the video I took on my camera of our little dancer – he has some moves!!
For now – here is a preview picture of Mason in his handsome little wedding outfit!

And one final thing!! I am happy to report that Tanner actually slept until 4:30 this AM before wanting a bottle! Let’s hope he is starting to take after his sisters and sleep every day until at least 6:30 AM! The girls are doing awesome at night – I am so proud of them!
A bit of a messed up unorganized blog today but oh well :-)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Our first swim!!

Today we went to our old apartment and visited our old neighbor's Papa & GG - otherwise known and Ann & Bill :-) We had fun!! The babies were all ready to swim but the pool was a little too chilly for them. But not for Mason!! He dove right in. But either way we got some cute pics with the girls in their bikinis and Papa & GG with the babies. The best part of the day was Tanner falling asleep on Papa - sooooo cute!! Here are some pictures below.

Crashed out

All the Babes with Papa & GG

Allison loves the pool

Grandma Gorka & Jasmine

I like Papa!!

Sunning with my Sissy
Yes we are a bit chuncky in our bikinis!

I really like Papa :-)

Friday, April 30, 2010

Cute Pics Today

As promised here are some cute pictures of the kiddos. Sorry I haven't been posting as many pictures lately - I have just been busy. So here you go - enjoy. They are getting SOOOOO big !!
Just got done eating dinner

Tanner Loves his Sissy's
Playing on the Floor

Last Picture with Jordan & Ben :(

Mason @ the Park