Thursday, October 21, 2010

Blog from 35,000 ft above

Well I am actually getting a few minutes to update my blog. And I'm doing it from 35,000 ft above sea level. Mason & I are on the way to Wisconsin for my friend Jessica's wedding. We are very excited it will be a lot of fun. I got suckered into the $4.95 internet cost on the airplane, really not that bad to entertain yourself for 2 hours. Cheaper than a movie haha. Mason is busy putting stickers on his coloring book and coloring pictures for Grandma & Grandpa. Dad will be picking us up in Milwaukee, he has been on the road for a week and a half working and we MISS HIM!! He is very excited to see us too and his little Mason. Unfortanately, we had to leave the triplets at home this trip, but we are all coming for Thanksgiving!!

Tomorrow we have big plans for Mason. We are going to go to a pumpkin patch, petting zoo, on a hay ride, and a country restaurant for lunch. Then we are going to bring pumpkins home to carve. Friday night we are going out for a good ole Wisconsin Fish fry then out for a few beers with my parents and maybe hit up the Oneida casino for a bit with my parents, my Mom loves those slot machines. Then Saturday we head to Milwaukee for Jessica's big day and are staying at the hotel - Mason is excited to swim.

As for other update - our little baby Allison is walking. Yep officially all across the room. It's so cute!! Jasmine & Tanner are not quite there yet but they will be soon I bet.

We spent last Saturday night at Dawn & Ava's house and the babies did great. They slept very well there, I was impressed. On Sunday we went to the park for awhile with them, it was a gorgeous day!

Below are some new pictures I wanted to share.

Mason feeding the ducks
6 kids in the triplets new wagon which they LOVE by the way. Enjoying the day at Lake Slyvan Park in Sanford!
Ella, Ava, Madison, Gracie, Mason & Maiya - lots of nieces & nephews

Daddy & his Mini Me!! :-)


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