Saturday, September 25, 2010

A post from David

Okay....everyone is saying I never talk about Dave in my posts and there is only one picture of him in the blog. So.....I am sitting with him now and he is going to write this post or say what he wants me to type.

"I am sad because I can't spend more time with my wife and kids. There is not much I can do I have to stay busy on the road. My work keeps me away from home, sometimes up to a week at a time. It's good to see my family up here this weekend at my parents house in Boyd. I wish it was under happier circumstances though. Soon we will be going on our cruise to the Bahamas, and I imagine we will have plenty to drink and plenty of "stateroom" time. I need to make up for some lost time.......okay this is Stacey and I am chiming in.....I AM not writing this only typing this these are Daves thoughts.....okay Dave continue...but then again the cruise will take me away from my kids and I may have to run to Montana and back after that. It never ends :( I wish everyone well and I am kind of hungry I need a snack. Night night!!

Okay now Stacey here. Yes Dave and I are leaving on Friday for a 3 day Bahama cruise with a couple of friends of ours. We are excited it will be fun. And after this weekend with the funeral and all...we will need a little trip away I hope we can enjoy ourselves and not miss the kids too much.

I will post again soon and post some pictures of my awesome nieces and nephews!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our first PONYTAIL!!!

This is going to be a short post but I had to post a picture of Allie's first ponytail, or shall I say palm tree. You have to look hard to see it, but it is there I promise! Personally, I think it's the cutest thing ever. Sissy doesn't have enough hair yet, but shouldn't be too long. It's sad when your little boy has more hair than both his sisters combined! Hope everyone has a splendid day - and here is our little ponytailed Allie.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pictures - post below

Our CAKE Melissa made us!!


Waiting on for Cake

Porky The Pinata

My kiddos!

Getting into TROUBLE!!!

A Year Has Passed

Well, one week ago today my babies turned 1 year old!! Yes - TIME FLIES. They are doing great. We had our one year old check-up and they are growing like weeds. Allie was 21 lbs 10z, Jasmine was 23lbs 4oz, and Tanner was 24 lbs 13oz. Our birthday party went very well, but it was a hard day for us. The Friday before that we found out that my brother in law passed away in a tragic accident. He flies for UPS and his plane crashed in Dubai. It's been a rough few weeks, but we are taking it one day at a time. He was a wonderful man and we will all miss him very much. We will be heading up to WI next week to say our final goodbyes at the funeral.

However, the party did go well all things considering. I didn't have as much food as I wanted, didn't plan all the activities, but that was to be expected considering the circumstances, I think everyone forgave me :-) However, we did manage to make a pinata for the kids which they LOVED and we also had "Little Pig Hunt" which is like an Easter egg hunt but with paper pigs. The kids loved it. We also were blessed to have my niece Ava stay at our house with us for 4 nights while Mom was in Dubai taking care of some things. She enjoyed the party, especially the pinata, and had a great time with Mason when she was staying with us. She did great and is a sweet little girl!!

We also had our 1 year old checkup last week and shots :( Tanner did the best with shots, he is super tough, barely cried. The girls on the other hand made it known that they were NOT pleased with the shots. They are meeting all milestones for a one year old but walking, but we are getting close! Allie weighed 21lbs 10oz, Jasmine 23lbs 4oz, and Tanner 24lbs 13oz, yes he is a moose!!

Okay as for our new adventures and milestones.

#1) My girls can finally wear very small ponytails on top of their heads, we are working on getting more hair.
#2) Girls know how to stand and are cruising around the furniture. Allie will stand alone for a few seconds, thinking she will be our first walker.
#3) Tanner pulls up to stand when he feels like it, but normally is just on his knees. Except when he's in bed or wants to play with Oscar.
#4) We do not like baby food, we would rather feed ourselves and make large messes.
#5) We all still have 6 teeth a piece, 4 on top two on bottom

Mason is doing great as well, he really enjoys going to preschool and his new friends. He talks about Avante, Keaton, Emma, MaKayla, & Logan. He is always excited to be dropped off and has lots of fun stories at the end of the day. He is working on his vowels right now along with tracing and cutting :-)

Well that's about it for now - I will follow up with pictures from the birthday party in a separate post. Take care and will probably see some of you next week in Wisconsin.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Birthday Party Plans

I have been quite busy this week. I am working on planning the triplets 1st birthday party which is on Sunday!! We are having a 3 little pigs themed birthday party. I have some really cute things planned, let's just hope they all turn out! I can't reveal them on the blog just yet - but I will have plenty of pictures and a good post afterwards with details :-)

Other things going on this week is Mr. Tanner is driving us CRAZY at night! I just don't understand that baby. He is almost 1 year old and still wakes up to have a bottle at night - sometimes more than one. He can't be hungry, but he acts like he is STARVING. I think what we need to do is just let him cry it out at night even though that will not be easy to do because he can scream very loud. Sometimes he will just take his binky and go back to sleep but usually not. The girls on the other hand sleep like little angels. They go to bed around 8:30 AM and are up about 6 for a bottle then go back to bed till 7:30 or 8. It's pretty nice - so now everyone please pray for Tanner and that he can start sleeping like his sisters!

This Friday my parents are coming into town for the birthday party. We are excited to see them. I haven't "officially" told Mason because I want to let them suprise him when they pick him up from preschool. And if I tell him - he won't stop talking about it for the next 2 days which may be enough to drive me batty! If anyone knows Mason they know that he can talk with the best of them. And if you don't answer his questions at least 3 times he will say "MOM - I am talking to you" and insist you answer a 4th time! He's sweet though I must say :-)

I guess that's about it for now. We have another suprise for Mason & Lydia on Friday. We are taking them to Disney's Toy Story on Ice at the Lakeland Center. It's going to be a TON of fun. The babes are staying home with their Tara - who is amazing by the way. One of the best babysitters we could ever ask for and the kids just adore her :-)