Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Birthday Party Plans

I have been quite busy this week. I am working on planning the triplets 1st birthday party which is on Sunday!! We are having a 3 little pigs themed birthday party. I have some really cute things planned, let's just hope they all turn out! I can't reveal them on the blog just yet - but I will have plenty of pictures and a good post afterwards with details :-)

Other things going on this week is Mr. Tanner is driving us CRAZY at night! I just don't understand that baby. He is almost 1 year old and still wakes up to have a bottle at night - sometimes more than one. He can't be hungry, but he acts like he is STARVING. I think what we need to do is just let him cry it out at night even though that will not be easy to do because he can scream very loud. Sometimes he will just take his binky and go back to sleep but usually not. The girls on the other hand sleep like little angels. They go to bed around 8:30 AM and are up about 6 for a bottle then go back to bed till 7:30 or 8. It's pretty nice - so now everyone please pray for Tanner and that he can start sleeping like his sisters!

This Friday my parents are coming into town for the birthday party. We are excited to see them. I haven't "officially" told Mason because I want to let them suprise him when they pick him up from preschool. And if I tell him - he won't stop talking about it for the next 2 days which may be enough to drive me batty! If anyone knows Mason they know that he can talk with the best of them. And if you don't answer his questions at least 3 times he will say "MOM - I am talking to you" and insist you answer a 4th time! He's sweet though I must say :-)

I guess that's about it for now. We have another suprise for Mason & Lydia on Friday. We are taking them to Disney's Toy Story on Ice at the Lakeland Center. It's going to be a TON of fun. The babes are staying home with their Tara - who is amazing by the way. One of the best babysitters we could ever ask for and the kids just adore her :-)


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