Thursday, May 21, 2009

And we have some genders!!!

Today I had a 16 week ultrasound, well 16 1/2 weeks but that's a little too detailed :-) The appointment went very well, everything looks great. We are so happy all 3 babies are healthy and growing very nicely. So I'll get to the real news of this post.

We had one little shy baby today that wants to remain a mystery till at least the next ultrasound. But the other two babies were willing and ready to show their goods :-) So......we are having one boy and one little girl!! Dave & I are both very excited about this. Mason will definitely have a little brother to play with and Mommy is getting at least one girl in this family. I don't know how well I could have handled all boys :-) I need a shopping partner.

So that's it for now. Our next appointment is right after we get back from our trip to WI on June 22nd. We are having our "big" ultrasound then which will last about an hour doing measurements and checking on the babies very closely. The Dr. said to bring a blank video tape along so we can tape the ultrasound. That will be a neat keepsake to have.

Well that's it for now!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mason's 1st Baseball Game

We had lots of fun last night. We took Mason to his 1st baseball game, a minor league game in Lakeland. He really loved it!! When they were trying to catch up in the 7th inning he was continually saying "Swing Batter batter batter batter Swing Batter batter batter." It was pretty cute and I think everyone around us thought the same thing. At the end, the game was tied after after 2 extra innings the Lakeland Flying Tigers had 2 outs and the bases were loaded. Well the tigers ended the game on a high note and hit a GRAND SLAM - Mason literally went nuts he was jumping up and down, clapping, and screaming with delight. Then after the game they had some fireworks and boy he wasn't too sure of those. He saw them last year, but wasn't scared then, but this time I have to say he was slightly terrified. Could be because they were so close, but not sure. He clung on to Mommy and kept saying "All done All done let's go bye bye" but in the meantime was sneaking peaks of the fireworks the entire time and said he liked them after. Who knows :-) But overall it was a very fun night.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

What an Excellent Mother's Day Weekend!

This weekend was a really nice weekend! Saturday Dave &I got to spend the day to ourselves while Mason went to Adventure Island (a waterpark in Tampa) with Melissa, Joe, & their family. He had an absolute BLAST!!! He went down a ton of big waterslides with no fear and just had a ton of fun. Dave & I went to the open market in Ybor City in the morning, had a light lunch, and then saw Star Trek on the IMAX theater which was pretty neat even though I'm not a big Star Trek Fan. Overall, it was a GREAT day.

Today when I woke up Mason & David were already gone grocery shopping. They came back and suprised me with breakfast & flowers!! :-) Mason said "Happy Mother's Day" and it was SOOOO cute !! Then this afternoon we went to Melissa & Joe's for an AWESOME steak dinner!! It was DELICIOUS. Rib Eye steaks, twice baked potatoes, corn, & the BEST banana pudding!! YUMMY! What a great Mother's Day dinner. Then we had a ton of fun swimming. The kids really enjoyed it. Below are some pictures from the pool :)

Also, the triplets are definitely growing - my belly is noticeable getting larger each day :) I will take pictures soon and post some I promise! I'm feeling very good though so we are happy about that! I will be 15 weeks on Tuesday - time is FLYING!

We hope everyone else had a GREAT mother's day and weekend!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Mason's got a GIRLFRIEND :-) & appt update

I haven't posted in awhile so I figured it was about time. Plus I have to update you all on my Dr. Appt from Thursday. I'll do that first because there isn't too much to report. It was a pretty uneventful appointment. The Doctor did a quick ultrasound to make sure the babies looked good and they looked great. They are growing quite nicely and the Dr. seemed very happy. He checked to see if he could see the sexes of any of the babies, but was unsuccessful. They are just too little yet :) But he's very hopeful for my next appointment in 3 weeks. So hopefully by May 21st we'll know the sexes of the babies so we can really start preparing.

The other news is that Mason has a "girlfriend" and her name is Lily. Yep he's in love :) Lily is the little girl that moved into the apartment next to us a few months ago. She is 2 as well and Mason & her are only a few months apart. She comes over to play a few times a week and the two of them play GREAT together. It's nice that he has a little friend to come over and play. The cutest thing is that when Mason gets home he immediately wants to go outside on the porch and starts calling for Lily really loud and if she's not home he gets upset, sometimes even cries. From what Lily's dad says she does the same thing. The other day she came outside looking for Mason and yelled it so loud he thought the whole golf course hear her. Long story short is that he loves playing with his new friend. I posted a few pictures below of Mason & Lily and one of Oscar our cat if you haven't seen him before :) I think my camera either needs new batteries again or is on its last leg because the pictures turned out very dark - oh well.

That's about it for now. Not too many plans in store for the weekend. Probably going to clean up the house tomorrow AM and head to the park with Mason for awhile. Then having some friends over for dinner and game night which is always fun. We hope everyone has a great weekend!!