Sunday, May 10, 2009

What an Excellent Mother's Day Weekend!

This weekend was a really nice weekend! Saturday Dave &I got to spend the day to ourselves while Mason went to Adventure Island (a waterpark in Tampa) with Melissa, Joe, & their family. He had an absolute BLAST!!! He went down a ton of big waterslides with no fear and just had a ton of fun. Dave & I went to the open market in Ybor City in the morning, had a light lunch, and then saw Star Trek on the IMAX theater which was pretty neat even though I'm not a big Star Trek Fan. Overall, it was a GREAT day.

Today when I woke up Mason & David were already gone grocery shopping. They came back and suprised me with breakfast & flowers!! :-) Mason said "Happy Mother's Day" and it was SOOOO cute !! Then this afternoon we went to Melissa & Joe's for an AWESOME steak dinner!! It was DELICIOUS. Rib Eye steaks, twice baked potatoes, corn, & the BEST banana pudding!! YUMMY! What a great Mother's Day dinner. Then we had a ton of fun swimming. The kids really enjoyed it. Below are some pictures from the pool :)

Also, the triplets are definitely growing - my belly is noticeable getting larger each day :) I will take pictures soon and post some I promise! I'm feeling very good though so we are happy about that! I will be 15 weeks on Tuesday - time is FLYING!

We hope everyone else had a GREAT mother's day and weekend!


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