Friday, September 23, 2011

The triplets are 2!!!

Allison, Jasmine, & Tanner are 2 years old! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET BABIES

The triplets are now 2 years old! They had their 2nd birthday on Sept 8. I was gone for their actual birthday traveling for work in Toronto but I think I made it up to them. The night before their birthday we went to Friendlys in Kissimmee for dinner and a ice cream sundae which they LOVED....they just weren't the most patient kids waiting for the ice cream. Then on Sunday we had a birthday party for them. We rented a HUGE bounce house with a slide and an obstacle course. The menu consisted of a nice taco bar, chips & queso, and fruit and hot dogs and macaroni and cheese for the kids. It was themed Mickey & Minnie Mouse and we had a Mickey & Minnie Mouse Cookie Cake! YUMMY :-) The babies had fun on their birthday. Melissa took them to Sears to get pictures taken for their 2nd birthday to suprise Mommy since I was out of town for their actual birthday. Above are some of the pictures we got back - they turned out GREAT!!

As for 2 year old milestones they are doing great. They are learning more and more each day. They know what a circle and a star is and also an apple. They eat with spoons and are working on potty training. They are starting to develop their vocabulary and tonight Jasmine came into the living room with a big bite of pizza in her mouth. I asked her what she was eating, and as clear as day she said "A bite of Daddy's Pizza" WOW I was impressed :-)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My little to play

My 4 Things.....still impossible to get everyone to look at the camera - I give up!!

This is one of the cutest pics of the girls that Melissa has taken for awhile. They filled the playhouse with pillows and blankets and laid in there for a long time just hanging out together. Sisterly love - priceless!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Our Nanny is NUTS hahah - but we love her!

So - Melissa now has a routine trip to the movies 1 or 2 times a week. The Cobb Theater shows free movies all summer long for the kids. It's actually a really good idea because you she can teach the little ones to sit nice at the movies at a young age. And if anyone has a melt down they can leave since the movie is free. So - she loads up all 6 kids and heads out - very daring adventure, but if she can't do it nobody can! So - today Mason, Lydia, the triplets, and Collin headed to see Nanny McPhee Returns!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Finally pictures....and a promise to blog more often

Ok ..... going to try to blog more often I promise. All has been well here, been very busy as usual! Melissa & Lydia moved out of our house the beginning of June to a cute apartment close by. It has been weird having them gone and we miss them, but both families also are enjoying having more space :-) The great news is that she is now our private nanny! She comes each morning by 7:30 and watches my kids and one other little boy who is 2, Collin. She has watched him as one of the day care kids and he's just a sweet little boy. She is loving only watching the 4 little ones instead of the entire day care clan and my kids are loving it as well because they get to go out and do thing almost every day. So far they have been to the movies, the zoo in Tampa, the park, and the children's museum in Lakeland which they really liked. They are also able to go out for lunch or the occasional dinner if I am running late from work. That brings me to another update. I was given a promotion at work and as of May 2nd, I am now the transportation supervisor. My boss Chet left to pursue other opportunities. So far so good - I am enjoying the new challenge. It involves more work and more hours, but I also get to travel a bit here and there and am feeling more challenged.

This past weekend I was in WI for a long weekend. Mason, Tanner, & I flew in on Thursday morning. Tanner and I stayed until Sunday night and Mason is still there! He stayed with my parents till Thursday and is now at Grandma & Grandpa Gorkas until Saturday when he will fly back with Grandma who is coming for a short visit. He has been having fun. Went to the park, to a movie, and fishing with Grandpa & Uncle Shawn. That was by far his favorite thing! He told me last night he caught 3 "keepers" hehe.

That is about good for now I think. The triplets are doing great - into EVERYTHING though - always looking for trouble it seems. Have to keep all the bedroom doors locked and gate up in ktichen to keep tabs on them. It's tons of fun though!

Mason & Ava @ Chef Mickey's!! They had a BLAST

Fire Truck Time at the Children's Museum with Melissa

Sleeping at the movies with Melissa

My night night picture from Jasmine - Tiffany kept the girls last Saturday while I was in WI.

Night Night picture from Allie

Goofy Jasmine - do you really need all the goggles Jasmine!

Uh oh - 3 babies in a Sheriff CAR!

Look Mom I caught a FROG!!!

Water Play at the Museum

And the 3 Amigos!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Check out our Sunglasses !

Yesterday Melissa dressed us up all pretty and handsome and let us wear our sunglasses :-) How cute are we!!!

Tanner's Beach Day

Tanner was one lucky little boy on Monday. He got to go spend the day at the beach with my friend Tiffany. She loves our babies and enjoys taking one or two of them for a fun little outing and I don't mind the break at all. The babies enjoy the extra attention and it's good for them. On Saturday Allie went with her to a baby shower at a park and also had a good time. Jasmine's day is Friday and she's going to go spend the night at her house along with Mason. I don't know what I'll do with only 2 babies on Friday night. Dave's friend Steve is in town so they will be out and about the rest of the week. Dave deserves to have a nice fun weekend though - he's been working hard lately. I'm sure they will have fun. Sorry random blog today, but it's all I have time for right now. Here are some pictures of Tanner at the beach and a video of him having fun! Oh and by the way - TANNER IS WALKING WELL NOW!!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More Disney Pictures

Below are a few more pictures from Disney World. Even though the babies didn't get to go they still got some cute Disney gear!

My dorky Disney Princess

Princess Jasmine

Thirsty are we!
All done with Animal Kingdom - we had a "Wild" time LOL

Picture by Everest at Animal Kingdom - Mason was mad because he wanted to ride the Smoky Mountains but he wasn't tall enough! Ha Ha

Aren't these glasses the coolest things ever - waiting for Toy Story ride at Hollywood Studios - very cool ride by the way!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mason's Day at Disney with Mom!

Well last Friday - February 18th Mason & I spent the day at Disney World with the Tancks (family friends) We had a GREAT time and hit 3 parks. We started off the day at Animal Kingdom and rode the safari ride which was VERY COOL, then the girls and I rode Everest which was a bit scary, but still cool. I'm just not a big roller coaster fan and this darn thing went backwards at one point which I DIDN'T know was going to happen! After Animal Kingdom we went to Hollywood Studios, rode Tower of Terror and the Toy Story Carnival ride which was really neat, Mason loved that one. After Hollywood Studios we headed to the Magic Kingdom, Mason's favorite park. He rode Splash Mountain (which we got stuck on for over 30 minutes) and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. He loved both and was JUST over 40 inches and able to ride so he was excited. We shopped at the stores, saw the fireworks and the light parade and finally headed home about 9:30. Mason fell sound asleep in the stroller at 8:50 - he was TIRED. Here are a few pics from our day - sorry quality not great they were taken on my phone.

Mason & all his Mickey stuff Pam bought him - what a lucky boy!!

SOUND ASLEEP - rough day

Also this past Thursday we met Dave's sister Chris & brother in law Scott and our nephew Josh at Universal Studios at Nascar Grille for dinner. Dawn & Ava also met us for dinner. It was a good time, expect I wouldn't write home about the food - not all that great but I guess you are paying more for the experience than the food. The kids enjoyed the night together.

Sitting on a car outside the Nascar Grill!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Some pictures today - ENJOY!

My trio - getting too big
My girls!!!

What a sweet little face!

Kissy Face

Allie loved - Jas hated

This is what the "bus" looks like full!

I just love this picture!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Cute picture today!

Allie decided it would be a good idea to cry last night at 10PM and wouldn't stop! Melissa offered to take her in her room with her and let her rest by her and of course the little peanut went right to sleep and stayed their all night. Well when Melissa's alarm went off at 6:30 Allie figured it was time to get up too. So Melissa put her in the living room on this chair to watch Barney. The babies LOVE LOVE LOVE Barney - it's super cute! And made for a cute picture this cloudy, cold Friday AM. Here you go!