Friday, June 18, 2010

Allison's Surgery & other updates

Well I just wanted to post some latest updates. The top thing on the list right now is that Allison will be having surgery on Tuesday at 8AM for her hemangiomas (strawberry marks). We noticed a few weeks back that one of them has begun to ulcerate and that is cause for concern because it could become infected easily. So Dr. Velez sent us back to Dr. Ferguson the plastic surgeon and sure enough he said it was time to remove it as well as the other bigger ones she has. She has a fairly large one on her head and 2 on her back. She has quite a few little ones as well that should go away on their own, but he will probably remove a few of them depending on the size of them. This is a bit of a scary procedure only because she is so small, only 18 lbs and anesthesia can be a little risky at that age. However, it is done in many other kids MUCH smaller than her so I am certain everything will be fine, but it wouldn't hurt to say a few extra prayers on Monday night :-) She will need to be at the surgery center at 7AM on Tuesday, procedure at 8AM, and she should be done within an hour. Then she will be in recovery for another hour. One of the hardest things will be that she can't eat or drink anything after midnight before the surgery. I am thinking I will wake her for a bottle at midnight so she has something in her belly and isn't too crabby in the AM. Then she can only have juice for an hour after she wakes up which will do us no good because she doesn't really care for juice. Maybe I'll try to get her to drink some this weekend to prepare her.

Unfortunately Dave will be gone on Tuesday on a run up to MN to bring someone a boat and a golf cart. But - my Mom changed her plant ticket and is coming in on Sunday now instead of the following Saturday so she can be with me for Allie's procedure.

As far as other things go we have been busy as usual and have had some sick kiddos. Not too bad though. Tanner though woke up last week Thursday night around 10:30 PM and was wheezing really bad and had a hard time breathing. I was alone at the house, Dave was on the road, so I called Melissa and she came over to stay with the other kids while I took Tanner to the ER. He had croup - very weird and came on SOOO quick but they gave him Oral Pred (an oral steroid) and it helped him a lot and sent him home. I worked from home Friday so I could be with him and he was contagious so no day care for him. Luckily the girls did not get it though!! But they had fevers this week, no colds or anything, but fevers. They were up to 103.5 on Tuesday night, luckily they broke though and as of yesterday at 3:30 AM they have not had Motrin. :-)

Mason is doing well and is still enjoying swim lessons :-) He goes Tues & Thurs and has a good time. I like going as well because I talk to some of the other Mom's and they are so great and help me hold the babies. Everyone at lessons just adore the triplets! Hard not to I guess! Mason has had a little issue the past few weeks though with minding. He has been giving me a hard time and normally he is such a great kid and listens well. I guess when some people say 3 is worse than 2 they are correct! He is a strong willed child and has a bit of a temper at times - some say he gets that from me :-) But we will push through and get him right back on track!

Well I guess that is about it for now since I wrote a novel. I will update on Tuesday afternoon after Al's surgery. Say some prayers for us!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

9 month appt update

So - just a quick post for now, I will post later about some other thing that are going on but wanted to blog our weights & heights from our 9 month appt. Here they are Tanner coming in the #1 position, Jasmine #2, and Allison #3.

Weight: 22 lbs (75%)
Height: 29 & ½ inches (75%)
Head: 46 & ½ (75%)

Weight: 20.5 lbs (75%)
Height: 27 & ½ inches (50%)
Head: 44 & ½ (50%)

Weight: 18.15 lbs (50%)
Height: 26 & ½ inches (10%)
Head: 45 (70%)
Also - in other quick updates we now have 5 teeth!! Miss Jasmine got 2 before anyone else did, Allie then got 1, Tanner got 1, and Allie a 2nd one. They are so cute with their little teeth LOVE it!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Triplet Photo Shoot (9 month pictures)

What a fun day - we had these done a Hollis Gardens :-)
Quick update - our trip to WI was a ton of fun. It was so nice to see everyone. Jasmine did absolutely awesome the entire trip. I think she was just enjoying her one on one time with Mom & Dad! She did great on the plane too, even with a 2 hour delay on the way home. Mason has so much fun seeing all his cousins. But he was one tired cranky bear by the time we got home !!
As for baby updates - we have 2 teeth now, but Jasmine has both of them. None for Tanner & Allie. Also - they LOVE baby food now. We go through on average 9-12 jars a day - CRAZY!! Oh and Tanner outgrew his infant car seat - he's HUGE.
One last update - the triplets baptism is set for July 10 in Wisconsin. I can't believe our next trip home is in less than a month. We leave July 1st with ALL the kids this time. We are excited.
Well gotta run, Tanner is stuck in a corner and can't figure out how to roll back and it's making him mad.