Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Life is starting to settle down a bit

Long overdue post again. First off Dave & I had a WONDERFUL time on our cruise. It was so nice to get away and have some fun together and just sit back and relax and truly remember how blessed we are. We have each other and 4 beautiful children. Yes life can be crazy and hectic at times, but I wouldn't change a thing, we are all happy and healthy and all together.

Dave, Mason, & I had a good trip up to Wisconsin in September as well. It was a tough trip considering we were there to say our final goodbyes to our Dear Brother in Law Matt, but at the same time it was very nice to be with family and see everyone and spend the weekend together. I spent a lot of time with my nieces and nephews whom we don't get to see enough living in FL. The weather was beautiful and fall was just starting to settle in when we were there. The leaves were beginning to change and the air just a bit cool and crisp. Perfect. The day of the funeral was just gorgeous - blue and sunny skies, about 70 degrees, with a slight breeze. I think Matt had something to do with that and it helped keep everyones spirits up rather than a dreary rainy sad day. It was a very nice funeral and we celebrated his life that day and the wonderful person he was. Rest in Peace Matt - we all love you.

Now that we are back from Wisconsin and back from our cruise life is starting to settle down a bit which has been nice. Been able to spend more time with my kids and giving them extra hugs and kisses each and every day. As for kiddo updates we have the following.

#1) Miss Allie is taking about 5 steps ALL BY HERSELF - I don't know if you can consider this walking, but I would say she's pretty darn close. Before we know it she will be running.
#2) Tanner says GO, and No No No. Very cute - he has a sweet little voice.
#3) Every time you smile at Jasmine she gives you the cutest cheesiest grin - such a happy little girl.
#4) They all say MaMa and DaDa - LOVE IT!
#5) Mason started soccer last week, seriously adorable. Watching a bunch of 3-5 year olds trying to play soccer is too funny!! I am going to try to take a video one of these days - you will enjoy it. #6) Mason is still enjoying preschool and is getting better at tracing lines and letters and coloring. He loves to go each day and is having fun with it and his friends.
#7) For Halloween we are going to have a Pirate named Captain Hoy (Mason), 2 ballerinas, and a monkey (Tanner).

As for weekend plans, Saturday we have soccer and we are heading to a Fall Festival with a Pumpkin Patch, face painters, and a craft show. I am going with another triplet Mom I know - should be fun, we will be quite the spectacle though. Also, Rich & Ella are coming to visit Dawn and Ava on Saturday so we are going to head to the Bell's on Saturday night or Sunday AM to spend some time with everyone. Ella is our goddaughter - she's a little sweetie.

Next weekend we are heading back to Wisconsin for my childhood friends wedding in Milwaukee. We are bringing Mason and on Friday we are going to go to a Pumpkin Patch with a corn maze, a petting zoo, haystacks, games, and a cute little restaurant. Then we will come home and carve some pumpkins. Can't wait!! We are also very excited that the fall leaves will be at peak!! I will take lots of pictures. I miss fall so much in Florida. Sad I can't bring my babies, but it's tough and expensive to travel with all 6. We are bringing everyone for Thanksgiving though - can't wait.

Okay this quick post turned out to be long so I'll be signing off now. Hope everyone is doing well!

Our little soccer player
And of course our Trio - SMILE TANNER ;-)


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