Friday, July 23, 2010

Crawling, teeth, & preschool!

Well this is a LONG past due blog! I just realized I haven't blogged since July 1st. WOW!! But we have been very busy with lots of fun summer things to do. First thing is our trip to Wisconsin was GREAT. The triplets did absolutely wonderful the entire time. They did great on the plane, both ways, and all fell asleep each time except Jasmine on the way to Wisconsin, My Mom was holding her and she just wasn't in the mood to sleep LOL :) We did lots of fun stuff on our trip. We met some friends at the Milwaukee zoo, went to a Brewer game, took the kids to my aunt & uncles house on the lake and spent the day swimming and boating, went to the fireworks, and saw lots of family. Dave & I also were able to sneak away for a night to Door County which was really fun. We went on a winery tour, out to a nice dinner, and actually just relaxed in the hotel room which was REALLY NICE!! The hotel had a nice pool & hot tub so we hung out there for awhile then we rented a movie in our room, pulled out the couch bed and just sat back and watched it and enjoyed the peace and quiet. Dave was really sweet too, when I woke up he wasn't in bed anymore. He came back with flowers for me and stuff to make for breakfast since we had a full kitchen in our room. What a romantic!! The baptism also went really well. Father John did such a nice job with it and none of the babies cried!! Amazing :-) They were tired though and had to sleep during part of the party, but that was to be expected. I will post pictures of the trip fairly soon. I promise.

Other new things that are happening with the Gorka's are as follows: I will put down a top 6 list below, much easier.

#1) Mason is signed up to start preschool 2 days a week starting August 17th. He is sooooo excited and already got a backpack and a lunchbox!! Hopefully he enjoys it. It is at the private academy right across from our subdivision so nice and close should work out well!

#2) Here is an update on our teeth count. Allie has just the 2 bottom teeth and Tanner and Jasmine both have the 2 bottom & the 2 top teeth!

#3) All 3 babies are CRAWLING well just about. They army crawl really really well and really fast. They also crawl on their hands and knees when they have they aren't tired

#4) I think Allison will be my first walker and she has been trying to pull up to stand all the time lately. She can almost do it and usually gets up on her knees and sometimes one foot. If you put her next to something she hangs on great and doesn't fall.

#5) We started some solid foods, like bread, cheese, spaghetti, and little bites of whatever we eat. They LOVE it. I don't think they will be very picky eaters, or at least we hope not.

#6) ALL 3 babies have been sleeping at night from 8:30 till 6:00 or 6:30 then back to bed till 8!! LOVE IT :-)

That is about it for now. We are getting closer and closer to our 1st birthdays!! I can't believe in a little over a month my little tiny preemies will be a YEAR OLD and are so healthy & happy!! We are going to be planning quite the birthday bash!


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