Thursday, July 1, 2010

Heading to Wisco & dumb triplet questions!!

Well today is the big day - we are going to take the entire family to Wisconsin for vacation and to visit family & friends and get the triplets baptized!! This will be the first plane ride for Tanner & Allison, but Jasmine will be an old pro since she got to come in May. Everything is packed and we are ready to go. Wish us luck that the kids behave on the plane!!!! All I have to say is I hope we have some REALLY nice people around us and they are not nice they need to request to move seats LOL! I will try to take some airport pictures if I get some time and a free hand which may be quite the feat! I also hope we don't have a zillion people come up to us and ask us the stupid "triplet" questions and comments. Which I do not believe I ever posted. So here goes...

1. Are they identical? Answer - one is a boy how can they be identical!!!
2. Are they all the same age? Um yes they are triplets.
3. Did you use fertility? Seriously....none of your business but NO!
4. Are they all yours? No....I borrowed them.
5. Wow your hands are full - no shit sherlock, but better full than empty!
6. God bless you (or better said as better you than me)
7. My condolences....seriously are triplets a funeral sentence...why would you say this!
8. Better you than me - now that's just rude
9. Are they twins? Um.....count again 1...2....3
10. They are sooooo beautiful - okay this one isn't too bad :-)

Okay one last update - Allison's surgery went GREAT!! She did so well with the anethesia - a bit groggy and crabby when she woke up, but she took some juice and then fell asleep on me till it was time to leave recovery. Then she woke up and smiled at the nurses. Seriously what a sweet little girl! Yesterday we got our sutures out - she had 25 probably, 12 on the big spot on her head, 2 on 2 other spots on her head, 3 on her lower back, and 5 or so on her upper back. That was not fun getting those removed - she screamed and they bled a bit. I think the plastic surgeon felt terrible - you could tell by the look on his face and he seemed to reach out and want to hold her and comfort her after. But - all good now and they are healing up really nice!

Alright - well gotta get some work done and leave by 2:45 today to go get the kids and catch our flight!!!

Happy 4th of JULY!!!


Jennifer G.

Hope you have a fun and they are well behaved on the way there and back :-)

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