Monday, December 13, 2010

An Attempt to Update - Finally

Ok I again have been a BLOG slacker! I apologize to all my readers if I have anyone left! So I will attempt today to update you on all our new milestones and what we have been up to. First off Mason is now almost 4 years old - his birthday is on Christmas Eve so we decided this year to have his first real birthday party somewhere other than our house and several weeks before his birthday so his birthday and Christmas wouldn't run together this year. It was this past Friday night and it was truly a success! We had about 35-40 people there with kids and adults and we had it at Backyard Adventures. Backyard Adventures is a large party place with tons of inflatables in it including a HUGE inflatable slide. They also have a really neat gated play area for the little kids under 5. He had a great party, enjoyed all his guests, and received lots of presents! He still has yet to play with them all - but I'm sure he will have them all open soon.

As for the babies I think the easiest way to update is a top 10 list.

#1 Allison, & Jasmine are now excellent walkers - have been for awhile. Tanner isn't walking yet and I'm getting a "little" concerned but I do have to keep reminding myself #1 he is a boy and #2 he is a 32 week preemie. He may just meet milestones slower than the girls
#2 We are working on getting our 1 year old molars and boy that has been fun! YEAH RIGHT! we have had some cranky babies, especially in Wisconsin over Thanksgiving.
#3 Tanner now is in charge of waking the girls up when he is done napping. He does this by turning on the light, opening the door, and yelling HEY!!! It's fairly cute, but not if the girls are still tired. He is in the crib by the light and the door and unfortunately, when you have 3 cribs in one room you can't just choose to move him somewhere else because somewhere else doesn't exist.
#4 Our vocabulary exists of Mama, Dada, Baba (bottle), and other words we really can't quite figure out.
#5 They make the CUTEST kissy faces. Usually followed by a "mawaaa" That is a kissing noise.
#6 We all can wave bye bye and can put our hands in the air and do the "sooooo big" wave. And yes it looks like a wave when you have 3 of them doing it at once in the feeding table.
#7 We are officially FL babies. They did NOT like the cold up north in Wisconsin. When it hit their faces as we went outside the girls gasped for air, tried to cry, but couldn't because it was too cold.
#8 We also don't like big thick jackets or hats. They look very uncomfortable in them and fuss. And Mom has learned that FL babies are WAY easier to dress and put in car seats then WI babies. I don't think I could dress them in big coats, hats, and gloves everyday for 100 days or however long winter lasts. 4 kids are just too many to bundle!

Okay I'm ending on top 8 list today because I have ran out of new things the babes have done.

This week is a LONG week. Dave left early Saturday AM for a long trip. He went to Mobile, AL, then to Lancaster, OH, then to Elkhart, IN, currently on his way to NM, then to LA, back to AL, up to OH again and then finally home. I am staying positive he will be home by the weekend - I hope!!! It's boring when he's not around to annoy me and keep me company. And the bed is too cold since it's been like 20 or 30 every night in FL for the past 3 weeks! Not liking that. I oftentimes tell Mason to come sleep with Mommy so I'm not all alone :-) There is nothing wrong with that right?

That's it for now - I will try and post some pictures later this week. But my next mission is to get my Christmas cards done. The Christmas picture is taken now just to make and send the cards. All in good time!

Till later -

The Gorka's


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