Thursday, May 13, 2010

1st TOOTH!!!

Short Blog today but wanted to update everyone that one of our precious babies now has their first tooth!! And the winner is……….Miss Jasmine Paige!! Yep Melissa noticed it was close to poking through last night and this AM we feel it !!! Now – we will see how the other 2 follow! My guess is Allie is next followed by Tanman. Below is a cute picture of Jasmine :-)

Last night we went to the mall to attempt to find Mommy a swimsuit. We are heading to the beach on Saturday with all the kids - we are so excited. I will be sure to take lots of pictures!! It will be a lot of fun. This is what Allie did in the mall - see below! Love the cute foot up on top of her sisters seat :-)

This past weekend was very fun. Mason & I went to Wisconsin for my friends Erik’s wedding. It was in Wisconsin Dells. We had a great time. The trip was short, but still fun. We flew out Friday night and were back by Sunday evening. The wedding was in Wisconsin Dells. Mason was awesome – he was such a good little boy. And soooooo handsome!! We also found out that he is quite the dancer. As soon as Dave brings my laptop home I will upload and post the video I took on my camera of our little dancer – he has some moves!!
For now – here is a preview picture of Mason in his handsome little wedding outfit!

And one final thing!! I am happy to report that Tanner actually slept until 4:30 this AM before wanting a bottle! Let’s hope he is starting to take after his sisters and sleep every day until at least 6:30 AM! The girls are doing awesome at night – I am so proud of them!
A bit of a messed up unorganized blog today but oh well :-)


Ms. J

So exciting!! Miss those little babes! I am glad you are updating the blog, I love reading and seeing pictures. Congrats to little miss Jasmine!!

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