Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Well tomorrow Mason, Jasmine, & I are heading out to Wisconsin for a nice long weekend. Yes it was very very hard to choose just one triplet to go, but I did it fairly and flipped a coin. First I flipped between a boy and a girl, and a girl one, then I flipped between Jas & Allie and Jasmine was the big winner. She will be the first to fly on an airplane and will most likely be spoiled rotten all weekend by Grandma's & aunts & uncles!! I will have to give Tanner & Allie extra attention tonight. I am really bummed leaving 2 behind, but it just wasn't feasible this trip to bring everyone along since it's just a long weekend. However, in July we are ALL coming so no one will be left out.

We will be staying in Boyd on Thursday, Friday & Saturday and then heading to my parents Sunday and flying out on Monday. We will be hanging out at Ringlespiel Days in Boyd and probably having a beer or 10 with friends!! :-)

Mason finished his first session of swim lessons last night and overall he learned a lot!! I was impressed. The teacher did a great job with him and before long he will be swimming on his own with no floats!! His progress report showed he was proficient on about 1/2 of the skills. Good thing we are signed up for the next session so he can continue to learn.

I guess that's about it for now I'm sure I'll have lots to update when we return from our trip and I'll be sure to have some pictures!!


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