Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Top 6 List

Not too much to report today so going to do a list of the Top 6 things going on with the Gorkas.

#1) Mason was sick yesterday – woke up at 4:30 AM came crying into our room, and then proceeded to throw up all over the carpeting next to my bed. I think I need to keep a bucket in my nightstand!! Ughhh and YUCK. I have a serious problem with puke, if I smell it I almost throw up myself! Thank goodness Dave was home to clean it up! And on top of it all I just got my carpets cleaned. The joy of kids!!

#2) Mason is in swimming lessons now – he started at the beginning of May two times a week and LOVES it. He is becoming quite the fish and the teacher is great. She has the kids jumping in without floats now and makes them swim up to the top of the pool and find the wall with a little help of course. It’s just amazing how quickly they catch on. He also has a little girlfriend in class named Lily. They giggle and laugh together the entire class and also try to hold hands! Soooo cute!

#3) Still no more teeth!! Just one toothed Jasmine. I am still thinking Allie will be next – she has been CRABBY!!! Tanner on the other hand does not complain at all about teething – he is just a great natured baby all the way around. If only he would sleep all night though!!

#4) I saved a ton of money at CVS this week. Get this – I spent $16.48 and I got the following items. 2 packs of Huggies Diapers, 2 packs of the 3 in 1 Purex Laundry sheets, 2 Right Guard deodorants for Dave, a 24 pack of water, toothpaste, & mouthwash!! Normal price on this stuff would have been $53.95. Again LOVE my Southern Savers Website!! I buy what’s on sale and then add a manufacturer’s coupon to it and save TONS of money!!

#5) Dave has officially started his new career. He is now a pilot escort and does general hauling. What this means is he is the car that navigates the overside loads (the big ole semis with long poles on them, wide loads, etc) from point A to point B. When he doesn’t have loads, he hauls things for people. He uses a website and bids on things people need moved, for example a 4 wheeler, a boat, a golf cart, a few boxes, signs, etc. Basically anything. It’s actually pretty impressive how he uses the site and sets up his own runs. Last week he went up to the northeast, hauled a trailer up there, loaded an ATV on his truck, one inside the trailer, and a golf cart. Dropped that stuff off then picked up a boat and a sign and headed back home. His company name is Big D’s Services. Only downfall of his new endeavor is he is sometimes gone during the week for a few nights, but I’m tough, I can handle it!! We are looking into getting our alarm system monitored though just in case since I am by myself at night with the kids.

#6) Getting ready for our trip to Boyd for Memorial Day weekend!! We leave Thursday the 27th and back the following Monday the 31st. We are just bringing one baby this time though and we drew straws to be fair!!! Jasmine gets to go!

And that’s about it for now!! Hope everyone is doing well.



My youngest is almost 1 and still has no teeth!
Your kids are so adorable, thanks for stopping by my blog!

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