Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sniff Sniff

Okay so we reached a new milestone last night. One that I have mixed feelings about. Last night the babies went to bed without bottles!! We took bottles away at nap about 2 or 3 weeks ago and they did pretty well with the transition. Well I decided that last night was the night to give them a sippy cup at bed instead of a bottle. could say they were not too pleased....but overall they actually did pretty well. Jasmine drank her cup - Tanner and Allie didn't but decided to scream for awhile instead. I put them down about 8:10 and by 8:44 everyone was quiet and asleep so 34 minutes. And at about 8:34 only one of the girls was still fighting it, I think it was Allison, but I'm not 100% sure their cries sound so much alike!

On the other hand, Mom had a bit of a harder time with it. Inside I was pretty sad knowing that my babies are really no longer babies anymore. They have entered the "toddler world" and I am having a hard time wtih this. They have just grown up WAY to fast! Since they turned a year it seems like the last 4 months have literally just flown by and they have reached milestone after milestone between the blink of my eye. I didn't have these feelings with Mason since I knew we would be having another baby, but since we had the triplets we will no longer be having anymore babies and taking away the bottles, the last of the baby stage, was a little sad. But - when I am able to get rid of diapers I will be rejoicing - definitely won't be sad.

On another note - I will be 30 in exactly 6 MONTHS!! Yesterday was my 1/2 birthday, so I officially closer to 30 than 29! AHHHHH

Oh one more thing!! TANNER TOOK STEPS LAST NIGHT! Quite a few actually. I think he will be walking officially in 2 weeks or less!

Ok that's about it for now - I wish everyone well and pray that Mom can keep the bottles away in the garage LOL!


Mommying On The Fly

The milestones are HARD... especially x3.. lol.. I LOVE finding a fellow Mom of multiples that blogs... Glad to have found ya... new follower.. Would <3 a follow back.. (- BTW... your family is beautiful

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