Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Morning Hair, Bottle Free & Tanner!!

Well let's see - it's now been a week since the babies had their last bottle! It's been a tough go at night and had some fussy times going to bed, but Mommy has prevailed and last night we had minimal crying at night!! Although Tanner & Allison have pacifiers at night at least we don't have bottles! And I'm not going back, I forgot how nice it was not to make bottles up anymore and wash all the nipples and everything. We are using only sippy cups and they are doing just fine with them.

I also am continuing my biggest loser at work - so far I am up to 7.4 lbs lost. Again not as much as I had hoped for but it's slowly coming off and I am sticking with it. Been going to the gym 2 to 3 nights a week to do hour long exercise classes. I really enjoy it and feel good after. I also am using this free website called and it's great and actually some of the things are kind of like facebook. You log all your food, it gives you a calorie goal for the day, you enter the number of cups of water you drink, you get extra calories for exercise etc., and it tracks your weight loss. Try it out and if you do my username is stgorka so you can find me as a friend.

Oh and although Tanner can't walk too well yet (he's trying though) he is a crazy climber. Check out the picture below! And people wonder why he has bruises!!

And here is the picture of the day - Melissa sent me this yesterday AM gotta love the morning hair on Miss Allison.


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