Sunday, September 13, 2009

Triplets Birthday! Sept 8th, 2009

Triplets Birthday 9-8-09

Well – if you haven’t heard already the triplets are here!! They were born on Sept 8th and 8:28 AM, 8:29 AM, and 8:30 AM. The first born was Allison Marie and was 3lbs 6oz and 16 ¼ inches long. The second born was Jasmine Paige and was 3lbs 11oz and she was 16 ½ inches long. The third born was Tanner Preston and he was 4 lbs 4oz and 18 ½ inches long. The babies were all doing just great when they were born.

We did give the hospital a run for the money though because labor came on VERY VERY FAST. I woke up at 6:45 AM and started having some contractions. I told Dave to hang tight and stay home for work for a bit in case they got worse. And – in no time they definitely did!!! By 7:15 AM I was in the shower and in a LOT of pain. I tried to move quickly and had Dave finish packing the bags (thank GOD we had the majority of them packed!) and we barely made it to the van and out the driveway. We did not have any time to drop Mason off at Melissa’s house I just told Dave get me to the ER NOW!!! I felt like I had to push very badly. He went about 65 MPH down Hwy 98 and I swear we hit every red light. The quick trip felt like the movies. We arrived at the ER, bypassed the security guard, and someone came out to assist us. We told them what was going on and they put me in a wheel chair and brought me up to labor and delivery within minutes because I was having triplets and literally if they didn’t move the triplets were going to be born in the ER. They took me right to the operating room, got me on the table, people everywhere at that point and checked me. All I really remember from that point was the lady who checked me saying she’s “COMPLETE with 32 week triplets” I was completely dilated in a course of an hour! It was pretty crazy. They then proceeded to put me to sleep very quickly as I was in so much pain and they had to get them babies out ASAP so my uterus wouldn’t rupture. During all of this poor Dave had to park the car and brought Mason inside and up to labor & delivery. They wouldn’t let Dave into the OR because it was such an emergency so again he missed the delivery – he didn’t see Mason born either because he was also an emergency C-Section. He brought Mason to day care quick and met me in recovery after all was said and done.

It was a very crazy morning to say the least, but we were just soooo happy the babies were born healthy. Jasmine & Tanner required oxygen for about a day after they were born but were quickly moved to room air after they did so well. Allison even though she was the smallest – came out and didn’t need any oxygen – she did great!!

Well that’s about it for now I will post another post shortly with more updates and pictures.


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