Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Great day in the NICU

Today was a great day at the NICU. We had a new nurse watching the triplets today and she was really nice – she really seemed to care about the kids and enjoyed her job. LRMC has quite a few great NICU nurses which makes me happy that my kids are well taken care of when I’m not able to be there.

So this morning Jordan (a friend of mine and one of our babysitters) came up for a visit. She couldn’t believe how small the babies really looked compared to pictures. Pictures make them look bigger than they are, but they are still pretty small little peanuts. However, all 3 babies are gaining weight just about every day so we are accomplishing our goal. This morning little Ally was 3lbs 12oz, Jasmine hit the 4lb mark!!!, and Tanner was 4lbs 12oz and they are all doing great. All 3 of the kids are now able to try a bottle twice a day. So far, they are doing pretty well. Babies don’t really know how to suck until about 34 weeks gestational age and they were 34 weeks on Tuesday so anything that they take via a bottle is a great accomplishment. This morning I had the pleasure of feeding Ally one of her first bottles. She did GREAT and took 10 ccs for me. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but in preemie land it’s pretty good. That is about ¼ of her feeding. When you start bottle feeding, you see what they take via the bottle and then give the rest of it to them in the feeding tube. I posted a picture below of little Ally and her big girl bottle.

This afternoon Grandma Sandy came up for a visit before she goes back to Wisconsin for a few weeks until the babies start coming home. She got to hold Ally & Jasmine for quite some time today. They really like Grandma and tried their best to stay awake for her. Jasmine did better than Ally though – little Ally was a bit sleepy this afternoon. While Grandma was holding Ally, Jasmine was WIDE AWAKE so I took advantage and tried to nurse her. Well she was a “CHAMPION,” she did just great! I was so proud of her and so was the nurse. She nursed on and off for about 30 minutes which is amazing for a preemie. The nurse actually cut her feeding in ½ because she did so well and was able to get a fairly decent amount of milk from me. It was a pretty special moment!

Not too much news to report on Mr. Tanner – he was a little sleeper today but Dad & I will give him some extra attention when we head up for our visit tonight.

That’s about it for now – here are a few pictures from our visit today.
Jordan & Ally

Snoozing Tanner

Sleepy Princess Jasmine

Ally & her bottle

Happy Allison


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