Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Picture Day in the NICU

Picture Day in the NICU

Not too much to report on today, the babies continue to do well. They are really starting to take off bottle feeding and nursing so we are happy about that!! Tanner pretty much takes bottles all day long and Jasmine isn’t far behind. Little Ally makes a great effort and usually takes 3 or 4 of her feedings via a bottle and then gets tuckered out and has to tube feed the rest. She is a very clean eater though, doesn’t spit out much and is well coordinated.

We are hoping to have one of the babies home in a week or so. Probably sometime next week we will take Tanner home, Jasmine will most likely follow, and then Miss Ally. I tell you though, it will break my heart to have 2 of the 3 home and still have her in the hospital, but it will be best for her so I will have to remember that!!

Sunday night was a fun night in the NICU. Jeanne was the nurse and she decided it was picture night!! We took some super cute shots of all 3 of the babies lying on Mommy! They sure like each other and snuggled right up. Ally loves her brother; she kept moving closer & closer.


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