Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fun updates :-)

Triplets Doing GREAT!! Just a quick update today as time seems to run shorter & shorter each day and I don’t even have my baby’s home yet!! We have been busy running back and forth to the hospital to cuddle our little ones, keeping the house semi-clean, trying to give Mason extra attention with all the changes, pumping lots of breast milk, and trying to sleep. Doesn’t sound too crazy, but the days are FLYING by.

Yesterday the triplets were one week old. I can’t believe one week has passed already since the incredible birthday. After 1 week the babies are still doing great! Just a few small road bumps along the way, but nothing to get too excited about. Just normal preemie things that happen, but overall they are progressing well. We do wish Ally would gain a little more weight, she’s only 1oz over her birth weight right now and she should be gaining a bit more, but we’ll give our little peanut some time, she was the smallest J Dr. Ruiz has put all 3 babies on a high calorie preemie formula mixed with my breast milk. So they have ½ formula, ½ breast milk and hopefully they will gain a bit more weight in the upcoming days.

I have done lots of neat things with the babies this week. Instead of just holding them in my arms I have been laying them on my chest and putting the blankets on top. Since they are preemies and don’t have Mommy or Daddy around all day long, we need to be sure each visit and every time we hold them that they can feel the closeness that they need. Putting them on our chest and keeping them close makes them very happy. Today the nurse had me kangaroo Ally & then Tanner. She had me wear a hospital gown and put the babies in just diapers and set them directly on my chest skin to skin. And I have to say they LOVED this. Both of them were sleeping so hard after they got comfortable. It was a really neat moment and helped them feel close to Mommy for awhile which is what preemies need.

Last night Dad & I were visiting and we were there for BATH TIME J The nurse had us give Ally her bath. She told us what we needed to do, unhooked her from her monitors, and let us bathe her by ourselves and didn’t even stand over us. It was nice to have the privacy. However, Ally was like most newborns, and was not a big fan of her bath and she let us know. I didn’t think such a small little baby had such a loud cry! We moved fast and got the bath done quick and as soon as Mommy picked her up all was fine J Dad then was on diaper duty, put a new diaper on her, cleaned her cord spot on her belly button, and then held her for awhile before tucking her into bed for the night.

For now that’s about it for now. Grandma Miller is heading back on Saturday and I’m sure she will miss her new little grandchildren. She has been getting in lots of holding time as well. Today the nurse and I made a card for her to take back to Wisconsin. It was adorable. Nurse Kathy put the baby’s footprints on the card so Grandma & Grandpa can remember how small the feet were for years to come.

Next week Grandma Gorka will be with us and I’m sure she will get lots of holding time in as well J The triplets love Grandmas!!!


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