Friday, August 28, 2009

30 week update!!

Sorry for the delay in posting this, but on Wednesday we had our 30 week appointment with Dr. Barrett and another full ultrasound. And....we have good news to report. Everything still looks great. Dana, our ultrasound tech took measurements of all the babies and made sure they are growing just right. The new weight estimates are as follows. Baby A (girl) is 2lbs 14oz. Baby B (2nd girl) is 3lbs 1oz. Baby C (boy) is 3lbs 12oz. Obviously our boy is the little chunk of the bunch :-) The girls measured around the 40th percentile and Tanner the 74th percentile. The fluid levels still look very good, but unfortunately the tech could not see my cervix so hopefully it hasn't shortened at all. Baby A is sitting very low which is why she couldn't see it during the ultrasound. Also Baby A and Baby C are still breeched, but somehow Baby B did a 180 and is head down down. The tech was very very surprised by that since they really don't have any room to move around anymore. Baby C is also really far up into my rib cage, his head is right below my chest, so breathing can be a bit of a chore at times :-) She looked good though so that's all that matters. I am definitely starting to get uncomfortable just because my belly is getting so big, but I am pushing along because I'd rather be uncomfortable and suffer than have our babies in the NICU for a long time and be born too early and have them suffer!!

So the new goal is to get me to 34 weeks which would be Sept 23rd. By then the girls would be over 4lbs and Tanner over 5 lbs which would be great birth weights for triplets. I am a little nervous because our Dr (the only high risk one of his type in Lakeland) is on vacation until Sept 14th!! So if I deliver before then it would be a regular doctor who does my c-section. I'm sure he's well qualified, but we'd really prefer if Dr. Barrett took care of everything. So - let's at least hoe to make it till Sept 14th at least!!

Finally, I am still not on bedrest!! I am very happy about that because work keeps my mind off the babies and passes the time much more quickly than being at home. I do have to take it easy though and am not on my feet very much or I get tired. But so far haven't had any real contractions (a few Braxton hicks ones, but nothing major) and I am still in good spirits since the babies are still inside growing!! Dave has been great as well and a big help pampering me at night, making dinner, doing dishes, bathing Mason, and doing my list of chores because I can't STAND when the house gets cluttery and messy! It drives me nuts. I also do what I can to help out so we are doing just fine.

Please keep us in your prayers and pray for 34 weeks!!!


Mother to Ava, Logan, Jacob, and Andrew a 2 year old and Triplets

FULL TERM BABIES :-D He is going to go well no 34 weeks is just not enough lets make it 3 more weeks. (You know that is his favorite number) and go to 37 weeks.

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