Thursday, August 20, 2009

29 week 1 day update

So yesterday we hit our 29 week point. Each week the babies stay in the happier we are!! It is so important for them to keep growing and each and every day will make them even healthier when they are born. Our short term goal is the average of 32 weeks and if we go past that we will be shooting for the final goal of 35 weeks, at that point Dr. Barrett will need to take them or it gets too risky. But they would be around 5 lbs at 35 weeks so we'd be very happy with that!! I am getting pretty uncomfortable, especially trying to sleep at night and getting up 4 times to go to the bathroom, but like I said I can handle the uncomfortableness if it makes our babies healthier in the long run and they don't have to suffer in the NICU very long. Please keep us in your prayers and hope I can keep these babies in till at least 32 weeks!!!

This past weekend Melissa threw me a baby shower at my house. It was so nice and so much fun. There were about 20 people there and we had a really nice time. The food was really really good. We had Mexican Food and strawberry shortcake for desert. We played some games and I got some really great gifts. Overall, we are pretty well ready for the babies to come. Tonight I am hoping to go get the last few things from Target that we need and we should be pretty well good to go!! It's nice to know that everything is organized and ready - helps put my mind at ease and focus on healthy babies!

Also - little Mason is doing very well. He's having so much fun with Grandma Miller visiting. He's at a pretty fun age, but is definitely trying to become more independent and you can tell he's 2 1/2. He's been trying to talk back a bit in the past few weeks so we are nipping that in the butt right away or we will have problems :-)

I hope everyone is doing well and I'll update and add another post after our 30 week Dr appt on the 26th - next Wednesday.


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