Saturday, August 1, 2009

26 week appt & nursery pics

So we had a 26 week appt on Tuesday and all went well. The babies are doing great and growing nicely. Baby A was 1 estimated at lb 10oz, Baby B was 1 lb 12oz, and Baby C (our boy) was 2 lbs 4 oz. Hopefully they have also grown a few ounces since then and the girls reaching the 2 lb mark. The crazy thing is I have only gained 12 lbs since being pregnant which the Dr. said is remarkable with triplets. I definitely have been eating enough - I'm hungry all the time!! I have also been trying to drink plenty of water because that is supposed to help prevent pre-term labor from everything I have read. The babies also had great heart rates, A was 134, B was 139, and C was 154. We are getting more and more prepared as the days pass for the babies. The nursery is pretty well all set and the dining room (baby area) is pretty well set up as well. 2 swings, 3 bouncy chairs, play mats, etc. It's crazy how much gear you need for triplets!

As for Mommy, I've been feeling pretty good yet. Obviously starting to get quite uncomfortable, but still able to get around pretty well, just need to be sure I take breaks :-) Dave has been a wonderful help though and is a trooper. He comes home after working 10 hours or more and waits on his wife and does chores so I can relax. Also - I am very happy I am not on bedrest yet and can still work. It's much easier keeping busy than to sit and think about the babies as the days pass slowly.

Our next appt is August 11th and Grandma Miller gets to come along. She will be flying in on August 9th till the 22nd to help get the last finishing touches ready for the babies and hang out with us for a few weeks. Also - it will be nice she is here because Dave is heading to WI to get a mini-van his brother in law gave him for an extra vehicle and will be driving it back. He will leave August 12th and will hopefully be back by August 17th. A quick trip, but we want to be sure he's not gone too long in case the babies want to try and make an early appearance. Our goal is still 32 weeks (average for triplets) but would love to see me make it to 34 weeks!! The would be so much healthier and have a shorter NICU stay!

Well that's about it for now. We are getting ready to head to Lydia's 7th birthday party for some food and to go swimming for awhile - it's 94 out today!! The pool or in the AC is the only place I want to be!

I attached a few pictures of the nursery - it turned out so cute!! ENJOY ;-)


Brown Family

The nursery looks so cute! I bet the triplets can't wait to sleep in there! I like the idea of putting the names above the crib so when your really sleepy, you know who you are picking up! Take it easy over there!

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