Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kudos to Jordan on my Blog Makeover

Okay thanks to Mrs. Jordan Smelser my blog has been completely made over. It went from dull and boring to exciting and colorful!! It will definitely give me the motivation to keep up my blogging so everyone can "Keep up with the Gorka’s" It’s not easy to do!!!

On Sunday we have to say goodbye to Jordan & her hubby Ben. We have known Jordan & Ben now since Mason was just 14 months old – shortly after we moved down to Florida Jordan answered a Craigslist ad for us looking for a babysitter for Mason. She had tons of experience with kids and was a perfect fit for a babysitter so Dave & I could get out every now ad then. After about a year though she moved back to New Hampshire (their home state) to be closer to family. Well we kept in touch and when I found out the big news about the triplets Jordan was on my list to tell all about it because I know she has been a nanny for several sets of twins and LOVES multiples. It just so happened that she was moving back to Lakeland for awhile while Ben finished school. Shortly after the babies came home from the NICU Jordan & Ben came over 2-3 nights a week to help with the kids and give us a break and keep our sanity with all the work that is involved with taking care of triplets and working full time as well. They would come around 7 or so, play and love on the kids, feed them and get them to bed. That would allow Dave & me to get to bed early so we could get some straight sleep before the first night time feed would come up. It worked out GREAT and they were both awesome with the kids. They will truly make GREAT parents some day and all of their kids will be blessed to have them as parents!! They are leaving though to pursue new adventures back home in New Hampshire. Ben is graduating and has landed a great job in Boston and they will be starting the next chapter in their lives. We wish them the best of luck in the future and want to thank them tremendously for everything they have done for us. You both have truly been life savers and we will miss you greatly!!



Ms. J

And we have loved spending time with your little ones! Glad you like your blog makeover!! Thanks for such a sweet post!


Jordan sounds like a great sitter. If you guys need a babysitter or nanny in the future come check us out at

Clint Hines

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