Thursday, April 29, 2010

3 screaming babies at Publix

Well I know I normally write all the good and sweet things that the babies do each and every day which gives most folks a vision of 3 perfect little angels that never cry or fuss. Well I have to say this isn’t always the case and last night was proof of that! Dave & Mason went to the airport to go get Grandma Gorka who came down for a visit for a couple weeks and Melissa & I stayed with the babies. Well we decided we needed baby food and cereal so we loaded up and headed to Publix. Usually this is a very unordinary trip and nothing too exciting. Well the babies had other ideas this time. Instead of sitting sweetly and enjoying the ride in the shopping cart they decided it would be more fun to scream and cry. So – we were those people in the store with 3 crying babies. By the time we got all the food we needed and headed to the checkouts they were still crying – all 3 of them! Therefore, I said I would keep one in the store and check out and Melissa hauled the other 2 outside to the van. And then – it was peace and quiet (well for me at least) Melissa still had the 2 screamers. The thing that is hard sometimes is that when one starts crying the other 2 usually like to join in. Oh well – that’s the joy of triplets!

We did however accomplish one thing at Publix we bought Tanner some baby food with meat in it. This was Grandpa Millers idea!! He said maybe Tanner is so hungry because he needs some protein and some meat and potatoes. I figured anything was worth a shot to get him to sleep all night without a bottle. So we fed him a vegetable beef dinner last night and he slept an extra hour and a half and ate at 4 instead of 2:30. I’ll take an extra hour and a half!! 4 is better than 2:30! Let’s hope adding this to his diet each day will help keep him full.

Yesterday was also a fun day because the babies came for a visit to my office!! More information and pictures to follow later today or tomorrow!!


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