Friday, February 19, 2010

2 Ear Infections = less sleep for Mommy & Daddy

Well we have survived our first 2 ear infections – they started out as colds a week or so back. The colds just weren’t going away and after a few nights of little sleep we decided it was time to take them in. After going through many ear infections with Mason they are pretty easy to diagnose for us. If they wake up screaming at night – that usually means it’s more than a cold. Dave took Ally in last week and sure enough ear infection and she got some medicine. However – please note giving a 5 month old medicine is NOT easy and the whole put it in her cheek and let it run down their throat does not work!! They scream so loud and then end up not being able to catch their breath. Not good!! So after a few tries Melissa said to try and put it in a nipple and let her suck it out – well it worked great!! However, she still didn’t like the taste and after a few tries caught onto that quickly and wasn’t liking it. This was the same day Jasmine ended up going to the Dr because again Mommy though she now developed an ear infection – the 2AM screaming fit gave it away. Sure enough she did and she got medicine too. Well Jasmine simply REFUSED to take her medicine, cried, turned blue, and I had to pat her back to get her to breath so giving her the medicine was obviously not going to work. Then Melissa & I thought well why don’t we ask the pharmacy if we can put it in her milk, and sure enough we could!! I wish we would have thought of that sooner! And now – after trial and error and very unhappy babies they now take the medicine like champs!! I never had to give Mason medicine till he was 13 months old so we never had the pleasure of learning how to properly give it to him as an infant. Knock on wood – Tanner is still pretty healthy. He has a little stuffy nose but no cough like the girls did and isn’t fussy. I hope we can bypass this sickness without getting meds for all 3!! I really don’t want to feel like I live at the Drs. office. Mason also has a stuffy nose so let’s hope his passes as well. I have a feeling sickness in our house will now be at least a 3 week cycle everytime someone gets sick – oh the joys of having 4 kids!!

Other than that – not much else going on. The babies are now eating rice cereal, sweet potatoes & bananas. However – Ally has determined that she does not like bananas and proceeds to spit them out each and every time she eats them. Oh well I guess not everyone likes bananas – maybe I’ll try peaches with her ;-) Tanner on the other hand will eat each and everything you give him – he LOVES food. He is also the biggest coming in at around 16 lbs now!! Yep you heard right 16 lbs!! Jasmine is 15 lbs 3oz, and Ally about 14 ½ or so. It is truly AMAZING how much they have grown since Sept when they were little 3 and 4 pounders in the NICU.

Oh and one more thing – we are starting to think that the girls may in fact be "identical twins" They just look SOOO much alike it’s amazing. Even the doctor has said this. What could have happened is the egg may have split in the first 8 weeks before my 1st ultrasound and therefore I had 3 placentas. There is a 33% chance they are identical and this happened. When that happens, the only way to determine if they are twins is to do DNA testing. It’s very simple. You order a kit online for $150, swab the inside of their cheeks, and send it back to the lab and the results are sent back within a few weeks. So……if anyone wishes to send donations for the identical twin curiosity fund….feel free!!

I guess that’s about it for now. We are still keeping busy but everyone is doing so well. We are truly blessed and enjoying every day with our 4 precious kids. I will post some pics this weekend I promise!


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