Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Well I actually have a few free moments today so I figured I’d post and put a few new pictures up on the site. The triplets are doing very well, but the babies, Mason, Grandma, & Dave all had little colds but luckily I stayed healthy!! The babies really did well though and got over the sniffles pretty quickly. They are tough little cookies. The big event this week is we have started feeding the babies some rice cereal when we get the time. Surprisingly they have done quite well with it. Little Tanner is definitely the best eater and takes the cereal off the spoon like a champ, Jasmine does okay with it if she’s in the mood, and Ally really isn’t interested yet J We are hoping a little bit of cereal will help fill their bellies up enough to help them sleep a little better at night. They are definitely going through a growth spurt, they have been very hungry during the day and during the night they haven’t been sleeping as well as they have been. They eat around 9:30 or 10PM and usually sleep till 5, but the past few nights they have been squawking at night and not wanting to stay settled all night. So today I had Melissa try an experiment and feed them every 3 to 3 ½ hours to see if that makes a difference. They have been eating every 4 hours. So we will see if that makes a difference tonight – I just think they are hungrier now that they are getting bigger and since we can’t really feed them a lot of solid foods yet we need to get more milk in them. Grandma went back to Wisconsin on Sunday so we need some good sleepers at night to keep our sanity.

This weekend we had some fun. Dave & I took Mason and Lydia (Melissa’s daughter) to the CIRCUS . Mason LOVED it - the elephants were definitely his favorite. Mason has been doing so well lately. He is definitely matured a bit now that he has hit age 3. He can literally talk a mile a minute and can say some pretty funny things. He is my little buddy – that is for sure. We also went to a friends house on sunday for her birthday. It was lots of fun and we took all the kiddos. They have 7 month twins so we had 5 babies in the house - and they were actually all very well behaved not any screaming moments :-)

The pictures below are pics of the kiddos in their new bumbo seats and one of Mason & his birthday cake. They really like them and so does Mason LOL he tries them out all the time.

Check out my new Bumbo Seats
All 3
Cheesy Tanner

Tanner's first bite of rice cereal - not sure!
Mason's 3


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