Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mason turned 3 and Christmas is over

Well I think this post is a little overdue!! I have been very bad at keeping up at blogging lately. I am just way too busy!! These little babies take up lots of my time and working full time doesn't help out :-) But it's all good though we are having lots of fun with our little bundles of joy!! They are now all smiling and cooing and each day when I get home from work they are so happy to see me. It's very sweet!!

They all have had little colds the past few days though so that's been a bit of a bummer adn they ahve been sleeping in their bouncy chairs in their cribs the past few nights because then they don't get aren't so congested like when they lie on their backs.

Mason has a GREAT 3rd birthday!! We had a nice party at the house and he really enjoyed himself!! He was so cute opening up all his presents and really liked everything he got. The menu was pizza and other appetizers, but pizza was mason's request so of course I couldn't say no! The next day then we went to Disney for the day with Pam, Jordan & Emily Tanck and had an absolute blast! Mason loved every minute of it and fell asleep while I was carrying him to the monorail station around 7PM. He barely woke up to when I took him potty and put him to bed when we got home.

Well the babies are waking up and getting ready to eat so I better get going. I don't have pictures today - but promise I will try to take some later and post them. They are just getting too cute. Jasmine is getting very very chubby too - it's adorable!! she's got michelin man rolls!!

Hope everyone has had a great start to the new year.



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