Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sweet Big "Bubby"

Okay let’s see it’s been almost a week since my last post and I promised I’d post once a week so here we go. This week we will give an update on our big brother Mason. I have to say Mason still continues to steal my heart each and every day. He is just a very sweet and kind hearted little boy. He makes me laugh each and every day and is just 100% perfect!! Also he is the BEST big brother in the world. He now refers to Tanner as his little "bubby" and he is the big "bubby" Also – if I accidently put a pink blanket on Tanner in the morning Mason makes darn sure it doesn’t stay that way. He says Mommy – Allie or Jasmine has Tanner’s blanket!! Then immediately walks over to switch them. He makes sure each baby has their own blanket. I think I need to find someone who embroiders though so I can put their initials somewhere on the blankets since the girls have the same blankets and when they get older we don’t want to mix them up!! Each morning when Mason wakes up asks if the babies are still sleeping and if he can go give them a kiss. It’s absolutely adorable. Currently, Mason is enjoying the Jungle Book movie, Wonder Pets, Diego, & Dora and enjoys playing outside. He asks a zillion times a day if he can go outside no matter if it’s 40 degrees or night time. He also LOVES to get mail so if anyone wants to send him a note he’d love you forever.

Other than that not much else to report. Dave & I are actually going to sneak away this weekend for some "couple time" We are so excited. Dave has 3 couples coming in from Wisconsin and we are going to Cocoa Beach on Thursday and St. Augustine on Saturday. It should be an awesome time. However – I will miss the kiddos greatly, but will enjoy some nice long nights of sleep without having one ear open for a baby monitor. Melissa is so awesome – she’s watching all 4 kids for the weekend!!! Let’s hope they behave for her!!


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