Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Just a quick post and some Halloween pictures to share. We had a fun few weeks leading up to Halloween night. Mason went to the pumpkin patch with his day care friends and Mommy chaperoned to keep all the kids in check J We had a fun time; we went to the pumpkin patch, then across the road to feed the ducks by the lake, and then to Lake Parker Park for a picnic lunch and a some playtime on the jungle gym. The kids had a great time. Last Saturday we went to a Halloween party and also had a good time. Mason especially liked digging in the haystack for Halloween treasures J Last night we took Mason trick or treating but left the triplets at home. We are still waiting for the triplet stroller to come in, but either way I didn’t want to take them out with all the germs right now. So instead they just dressed up at home and we took a few pictures. They were 3 little ghosts. Dave said Mason should have dressed up as pacman, but we thought of that a little too late. Mason had fun trick or treating for about ½ the time, then decided it was easier to ride in the wagon and have everyone else just get his candy for him. He went trick or treating with Lydia – she was so cute dressed as a cowgirl.
Other than Halloween we are keeping busy here. The victory of the week is the triplets are still sleeping in their crib. It is so much easier than having them in our bedroom - we heard every little grunt & groan and it kept us awake.

That’s about it for now enjoy the pictures. I'm going to try to sleep for an hour or so before the 2AM feeding - wish me luck it's already 12:25AM......with that being said maybe I'll just skip the hour of sleep and wait for the feeding at 2 and them sleep after. Good thing I got a nap in today !!
Pumpkin Patch Time
Arrived at the Pumpkin Patch

3 little Ghosts - Tanner was punching his sisters so we had to turn him around :-)

Awww - so cute !

Tigger & the Trips :-)


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