Friday, March 26, 2010

Identical Twins???

Well I gave in and decided to do the DNA test on the girls to see in fact if they were identical. I didn’t tell Dave I was going to do it because I wanted to surprise him. So I ordered the home kit online and I found it for $99 which is a great deal for the test. I saw others range from $150-$300 so for $99 I was sold. It was a very easy test to do. The kit came with 2 envelopes and 2 cotton swabs. All we had to do was rub the inside of each of the girls cheeks with the swabs for 20 seconds, label the envelope with each girls’ name and information, and put it back in the envelope, send it back to the lab, and sit and wait. It took about a week and I got the email from them with the subject "DNA RESULTS" I was so excited to open the email. I really didn’t care if they were identical or not, but to not know this was driving me crazy. So I open up the email and there was an attachment. I opened the attachment and it showed a list of several different numbers and then two columns next to the list with numbers in each column. As I scanned down I noticed the numbers were matching in each category and in the 3rd column it said match. I was getting more excited. As I finished reading I came upon the conclusion on the bottom which read the following.

In order for two siblings to be "identical twins" they must share an exact DNA profile. The results of the DNA test indicate that these two individuals share identical DNA profiles. This outcome confirms that these two individuals are monozygotic twins (identical twins).

Sure enough my predictions were correct!! My little girls are in fact identical twins. So now that this test is complete I know the following. I was in fact supposed to have twins (a boy and a girl) and then God decided I needed one more baby and the girl egg split in half. I guess this is more believable to me though that an egg split because I wasn’t understanding how I could have produced 3 eggs at once. So I only actually had 2, maybe I’m not as big of a freak as I initially thought.

All is said and done that and I have to say I wouldn’t change having triplets for the world. Yes my life is chaotic most of the time, but every minute is so worth it. They are awesome and I love each of them more than you can ever know and each in their own individual way. They are 100% perfect, healthy, and the sweetest babies in the whole wide world. Thank you Jesus!!!


Jennifer G.

Your still a freak just not a super egg producing freak lol

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