Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Doctor's Appt

Well today we had our first doctor appointment with the our high risk specialist and it went very well. There are definitely still 3 babies in there and they all look very healthy. I saw and heard the heart beating on each one and that was really neat. Dr. Barrett said to be prepared for lots of sonograms as I will have one every appointment. Otherwise, he can't hear 3 heartbeats by just listening to my stomach :) I can't imagine why!! I was excited though that at least ever 3 weeks I will get to see our babies growing and changing as our next appointment is 3 weeks from today.

During the sonogram he listened to the heartbeats, took measurements of each baby, and tried to get me a picture of all 3 babies at once, but was unsuccessful. One of the babes was hiding out in their own corner and not being cooperative while the other two were very close :) The babies are measuring at about 3.1 cm each so they are still pretty tiny.

After the sonogram, I met in Dr. Barrett's office for some information and then headed to the lab for lots of bloodwork. Dr. Barrett said everything looked great and was optimistic, but did explain the risks of having triplets. He also said he was happy I was tall because the babies will have more room to grow. He told me that triplets on average are delivered at about 32 weeks because they just run out of room and the uterus can only expand so much. The goal is to keep the babies in AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. He said that I will most likely begin bed rest or at least partial bed rest somewhere around week 25 or so depending on how everything progresses. He said I would probably be able to work from home for awhile so that's great and will hopefully keep me sane while on bed rest. But I can't be very active at all as we don't want to increase the chances of preterm labor which would be the reason for bed rest.

The good news is that we were given the go ahead to go on our cruise on July 9th to the Bahamas. We have had that planned for awhile and would be upset if we couldn't go. We need a quick vacation before the babies are born. However, he said I would have to be careful and if I get tired make David push me around in a wheel chair!! I think I can handle that.

Also - we have decided to make one last trip home to Wisconsin before the babies are born. Mason & I are flying in on June 13th, Dave's flying in on June 18th, and we are all going back on Sunday the 21st. The tentative plan is to have a get together BBQ and casual baby shower at my parents house in Whitelaw on Saturday June 20th so mark your calendars. We look forward to seeing everyone!!



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