Saturday, July 4, 2009

Lots of Updates

So sorry I haven't updated my blog in almost a month!!! So this post may be a little long.

First things first - we had our last doctors appointment on July 21st and had our big ultrasound then. Everything went great and the babies were doing wonderful. and we now know we are having 2 girls and 1 boy. We are very excited about that because our family will be nice & even now and everyone will have a playmate :-) Baby A (a girl) was 12 oz and is an active little one. She was moving all over the place and was giving us a bit of a hard time trying to get measurements. Baby B (a girl) was 13oz and Baby C (our boy) was also 13 oz. They measured perfect for 20 weeks, but now that I am almost 23 weeks they are probably quite a bit bigger hopefully well over a pound. Our next appointment is on July 15th so I'm sure I'll have more updates then. So far I am doing pretty well, getting bigger each day of course and a bit uncomfortable as the days pass, but I'm hanging in there. Since Baby A is pushing right up against my bladder I have been in the bagthroom on average every 2 hours which sucks!! Especially when you are sleeping good at night and you have to drag yourself out of bed. I guess it will prepare me for all the nightly wakeups with triplets!! :-)
Secondly - we had a WONDERFUL trip to Wisconsin. It was so great to see everyone and my parents threw us such a nice party and we got lots of great stuff for the triplets which will definitely be put to use. During the week we did some shopping, went to Green Bay to visit great grandma, had lots of ice cream, took Mason to the Bay Beach and he had a TON of fun, went out to dinner with friends, and Mason had a play date with Abby. Abby is my mom's friends granddaughter and they had lots of fun playing together.

Finally - my parents drove to FL to stay for a few weeks and they arrived on Thursday night. It is great having them here because we have SOOOO many projects to do before the babies arrive or I go on bedrest. This weekend we got quite a bit done already. We put the white trim up in the babies room between the two colors (the bottom is lime green and the top is a sky blue), the babies cribs are up, the curtain in the room is up, a 2nd dresser for the closet is built, and we have all the clothes pretty well organized. We are very thankful for all the clothes that people have given us - we honestly have just a TON of clothes which is great. We will have little to buy in that department until the kids get past the 18-24 month size. We also cleaned out the garage some and put a bunch of totes in the attic and we'll be building shelves soon. Hopefully by tomorrow we'll be able to park both our cars in our 3 car garage - right now, not so much :-)

Well that's about it for now. We are looking forward to going on our cruise this week - we leave on Thursday for 3 days. It will definitely be our last vacation for quite some time. We will be relaxing and eating a LOT of food, that is the plan. Unfortanately, we can't do too many adventurous things, but the relaxation will be well needed.

Attached are a few pictures from our trip to Wisconsin. I'll post some pictures of the babies room when it's completed.
Ta ta for now!!



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